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8 things you didn't know you could do with your Xiaomi mobile

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With the passage of time and software updates, the capabilities and possibilities of mobile phones are increasing. MIUI, the personalization layer of Xiaomi phones, is becoming more complete. To this is added that a good part of its functions are compatible with any mobile of the brand: from the most economical range to the most expensive. Do you want to get the most out of your Xiaomi mobile? Check out these eight hidden MIUI features that you probably don't know.

Print documents and images without third-party applications

MIUI 11 has finally brought the compatibility of Xiaomi phones with any WiFi printerwithout resorting to traditional third-party applications, such as HP, EPSON or Brother, among others.

print miui 11 hidden tricks

To print a document or an image from our phone we can use the Gallery or the application File manager. The way to proceed in any case is the same: by clicking on Share and then on the printer icon on the document or the image we want to print, a print assistant will be displayed where we can configure the sheet format, as well as the number of copies, the size or if we want to make a color adjustment (monochrome, color etctera).

Once we have configured the print correctly we will select any printer from our environment. Of course, must be connected to the same WiFi network as the phone.

Share the WiFi password with a QR code

From MIUI 10 Xiaomi allows you to share the password of our WiFi network through a simple QR code. If we have another phone of the same brand we will only have to scan the code with the MIUI camera.

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Within the WiFi section in Settings click on the network to which we are connected and then Share. It will automatically generate a QR code that we can share with any user. In the event that the phone lacks a QR reader, simply download it from the Google store and then paste the text string into the network password.

Duplicate the phone image on a WiFi TV

An especially useful function to watch series or movies on TV as long as it has Screen Mirroring option. From we recommend using the manufacturer's information to verify it.

miui 11 screencast hidden trick

Having verified that our TV has a projection function, just go to Settings / Connection and share / Broadcast. After clicking on Broadcast, the assistant starts searching for televisions connected to the same WiFi network of the telephone. When the synchronization is finished, the mobile screen will be broadcast on the TV: from the desktop to the applications and videos.

Protect applications with password

A function that has been present in MIUI since the first versions of the system. With the integration of systems such as facial recognition or fingerprint, we can block any application with any of the methods just mentioned.