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The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S11 will take the pixel merger to another level »ERdC

The Samsung Galaxy S11 camera will take the pixel merger to another level

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The series of mobile devices Samsung Galaxy S11 has been the one that has generated more expectation during the last years thanks to the different leaks that we have seen about them. Samsung's future flagships are changing the key sections that users look for in recent phones. This year, The camera experience a breakthrough.

An aspect that attracts our attention is your 108 megapixel camera, which was confirmed with the source code of the application of OneUI 2.0 camera. It is said that this will be an exclusive sensor, not the same as that of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. This camera Being able to do something unique in the market.

The exclusive camera function of the Samsung Galaxy S11

For a couple of years, the cameras of Samsung Galaxy phones they have not been able to stand out compared to the competition, both hardware and software. This year, the thing can change radically with the new 108 megapixel camera that we will see in these phones. The resolution itself does not imply better quality photos than in other cameras. Nevertheless, the resolution is of great importance in the photos if used correctly. Samsung's next high-end phones they will take pixel fusion technology to another level.

9 in 1 pixel merger

Until now, that merger in the high resolution cameras was 4 pixels in 1. But Samsung go further with the Samsung Galaxy S11 + camera. The flagship of the South Korean giant Be able to merge 9 pixels in 1.

Thanks to this you can get a huge simulated pxel size, the largest for date, 2.4 m. This will make the captured photo result in a 12 megapixel image. Pixels of that size will allow or should allow a very strong low camera behavior compared to what Samsung has accustomed us to.

Rear design of the Galaxy S11

In a separate tweet, the filter showed the subsequent phone design. The Galaxy S series will adopt the design of the Galaxy A and Galaxy M lines. It means that we will have a great rectangle in the upper left corner of the back. The image also teaches us that the distribution of the sensors is not so messy as it had been showing in renders so far.

Now we will have to see if the company also decides to maintain the variable focal aperture with this camera. Or because they have such large size pixels, prefer to opt for a fixed focal apertureto. Anyway, we expect great things in the photographic section of the Samsung Galaxy S11.

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