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Snapchat monetize tool with help from McDonald's and Coca-Cola

  • According to Zariance, Snapchat has more than 190 million active daily users

  • On average, about 500 thousand photos are published on the platform every minute

  • More than half of the users of the app are willing to open the story of a brand

There are many ways in which brands can interact with audiences. One of the most common ways, of course, is through social networks like Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. However, you can also have a kind of interaction through certain strategies offline. For example, through gifts or samples. Regardless of the case, it is crucial that companies have contact with the public if they want to develop loyal consumers.

But the channel through which this interaction is made greatly influences the bond that is forged between the brand and the public. In accordance with BizFluent, it is not the same to connect by traditional TV, than on Snapchat or in an official statement, since each one will have its use according to the intention of the message. For its part, Instasent He points out that there are other considerations to consider. For example, the location of the receivers and the investment possibilities.

However, there are several elements that are more or less universal if a brand wants to communicate with the audience. To begin, the message must be relevant, or the content entertaining, so that the public feels motivated to interact. However, it is crucial that the company also makes it very clear which agent the message is coming from. Both elements are something worth analyzing in the new Snapchat tool.

McDonalds and Coca-Cola release the new Snapchat system

The photography app has just opened the monetization of its Scan platform. This utility allows users to analyze an image to check if there is digital content to add to the account. Specifically, Snapchat allows the download of lenses and other decorative elements for your Augmented Reality (RA) system. At the moment, this feature is only available to people on iOS. But there are already two brands that have decided to join.

Related Notes

Both McDonalds and Coca-Cola are now official allies of the Scan tool. From this association, Snapchat users can now scan the logos of these two companies. Once they do, they can unlock three RA filters for each of the companies. It is hoped that this project will not only allow users to interact better with brands. Also let companies provide new experiences.

The added value of these initiatives

Snapchat is not the only brand that has decided to create these branded spaces or initiatives for consumers. Baskin Robbins and Netflix, for the premiere of the third season of Stranger Things, they recreated the iconic refrigerator in this series. Airbnb and Mattel launched a mansin inspired by the Barbie grin, for their anniversary. At the time, Instagram and Pepsi launched a campaign also from RA for the summer, with several filters and special effects.

Why should brands join these types of projects like the one Snapchat is carrying out with these two companies? Initially, they are fun and flashy initiatives. It is likely that a good part of the benefits of the campaign come directly from the attention caused by just having announced these filters. However, there are also two very important points. People like to create content and people seek entertainment.

There is no better way to promote a brand than by letting consumers unleash their taste for the brand through the production of content. It is only necessary to give the right tools so that people can carry out this work. Also, if it's about utilities that grant some fun, then it's the best of two worlds that don't always mix. That's why the Snapchat initiative seems to have a good result.

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