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How to have a virtual Android phone inside your Android

VMOS virtual Android mobile

Rooting your Android mobile is an option that it opens a new world of possibilities, but is it worth doing in 2019? It is necessary to take stock of the pros and cons to know if it is convenient, and also take into account if you have any of the best current phones to root.

If you decide that it is best to leave your phone as it is, you should know that you can have a virtual Android mobile and rooted inside your Android without rooting. Thus, you can enjoy all the advantages of a rooted telephone avoiding the dangers This implies, and also use other extra functions that will be of great help.

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How to have a virtual Android phone inside your Android

Faced with the dangers of a rooted telephone, the option arises VMOS, a virtual machine within Android that you can install inside your own Android mobile. In your favor is not only the possibility to test the root without having to root the mobile, you can also run apps in the background without affecting what you are doing in the main operating system.

In addition, VMOS also offers you the option to use multiple accounts in applications like WhatsApp. Thus, you can use your mobile for personal accounts and the Android virtual machine for the professional facet, for example. That way, you can combine different accounts within the same phone.

Settings in VMOS mobile Android virtual

Within this emulated Android Lollipop, you can download the applications you want from the Play Store, as in your Android, as well as modify the settings from Settings. As an outstanding detail, you can also change resolution to define the width, height and DPI you want.

In summary, VMOS works to offer you a virtual Android phone and rooted within your own Android, that is, two operating systems that coexist, thus increasing the possibilities of your mobile. Next, we will explain how you can install this virtual machine, although you should know that only It is possible with 2 or more GB of RAM, 32 or more GB of storage and Android 5.1 or higher operating system.

How to install VMOS, the Android virtual machine

After reviewing the advantages of the VMOS virtual machine, let's see how you can install it on your Android mobile. At the moment, this tool is not available in the Play Store, so you must download the APK file from its website. After doing so, open the file to begin the installation, which will only take a few minutes.

When the installation is finished, you will have to grant the necessary permissions to the VMOS app, such as the floating window mode or the access to storage, location and audio. Then, start the installation of the ROM and start the app, a process that can take between five and ten minutes.

Install VMOS mobile Android virtual

After waiting, you can use the VMOS virtual machine with Android 5.1.1 without problems. Before you can play with the root functions, you must enable it. To do this, enter Settings> ROOT and slide the button to the right to enable the root To end the activation, you must restart VMOS. Then, the Superuser application will be available.