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For this reason, OnePlus phones do not include advertising

OnePlus 7T Pro, Glacier Blue back

Xiaomi confirmed last summer that reduce the amount of ads and advertising that MIUI shows to the users. Throughout the course, in addition, we explain how the Chinese company makes money with the ads, but now, with the year 2019 coming to an end, a new question arises regarding these ads: Why unlike Xiaomi OnePlus phones do not include advertising?

In an interview with News MyDrivers, Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, has analyzed the lack of ads in the Oxygen operating system, in addition to revealing that OnePlus TV will arrive next year. Lau has taken the opportunity to talk about the development of OnePlus as a brand, in addition to its vision of the product and how they design their devices. At one point in the interview Pete Lau was asked why OnePlus does not show ads on its operating system, something other manufacturers do, such as Xiaomi.

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Lau has stated that the company makes decisions based on user experience, so if an addition does not add anything to that experience, the company does not add it to the device. However, it should be noted that OnePlus decided to remove the headphone jack from its last smart phone, the OnePlus 7T Pro, a feature that fans continue to demand. In addition, the company's CEO said that the absence of the ads does not affect their income: “I have no ads, but I can earn money selling my devices a little more expensive".

Pete Lau explains why his operating system has no ads

OnePlus 7T Glacier Blue

Pete Lau has also addressed the increase in the prices of the company's devices, claiming that the company does not strive to manufacture cheaper devices, but devices that represent good value for money. In short, OnePlus transfers all its best features to its next devices because they add value. Many of the differences between high-end mobile phones and common mobile phones are in the details. If you use 90Hz, you cannot return to 60Hz, Lau said.

Finally, the company's CEO has also confirmed that The launch in China of OnePlus TV is set for some time next year. At the moment it is time to wait to see what products OnePlus launches next year, although some details about a new one have already been revealed a conceptual smartphone of alternative design that the manufacturer will present at CES 2020.

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