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Android 11 may include dark mode programming »ERdC

Android 11 may include dark mode programming

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Since dark mode implementation In different applications, this has become very popular and of great importance among users. Even the dark mode is one of the relevant features of Android 10. The dark mode came to Android 10 due to the high demand that Google received from users. However, Google did not implement the programming mode in the dark mode for some reason. Even some users made complaints about it in the official error tracker for Android.

Answering that question, a Googler has confirmed that Dark Mode programming is part of future versions of Android. The Googler did not provide more details about it; That was his only answer in the Android bug tracker.

We must remember that Dark mode programming was initially present in the beta versions of Android 10. However, due to some problems that were negatively affecting the overall user experience; The decision was made to exclude this function from the beta versions of Android 10.

Chris Bares statements

While talking about the same function at AMA this year, Chris Bares of the Android Developer Relations team explained the depreciation of the function because it requires location data for all applications and the change can be defective on several devices. In the exact statements I made, it says: it requires that applications request location permits to be precise, and even with a valid location, calculations of sunrise / sunset times may have errors. ” He also explained that it is quite difficult for the system to calculate sunrise / sunset times around the world, including the north and south poles.

MIUI 10 Dark Mode

MIUI 10 Dark Mode

Because of the complaints raised by different users, Google seems to be adding the programming mode for Dark Mode in the next version of Android. Meanwhile, users can choose to use any third-party application to program the dark mode on the device.

The dark mode is very useful and helps greatly to increase the battery life.

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