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Twitter warns that animations can cause epilepsy attacks

A serious warning was issued by Twitter regarding the use of animated files in PNG format on its platform, as they could potentially harm people with photosensitivity and generate attacks on patients with epilepsy.

The company of Jack Dorsey commented that recently he discovered an error that had allowed people to add multiple animated images to a tweet and avoid the protection of Twitter's automatic reproduction using the standard questioning.

This warning will also be a wake-up call so thattrolls or malicious users could use these animations for deliberate attacks.

β€œWe want everyone to have a safe experience on Twitter. The apng (animated png) were fun, but do not respect the automatic playback settings, so we are eliminating the possibility of adding them to the tweets. This is for the safety of people with movement sensitivity and intermittent images, including people with epilepsy, ”the company said.

The social network also said that Apng used a lot of data and that in some circumstances they could cause application failures.

Thus, Twitter recommends using the GIF format to animate posts.

Through its same support account, the bluebird social network commented that it also seeks to develop a similar feature that is "better for you and your Twitter experience."

An important clarification was made by Dorsey's company regarding the use of APIs and trolls. recommendations and warnings so that there are potentially no problems on the platform.

Anyway, there is a history, since in 2016 a user deliberately sent a tweet with a gif that quickly blinked at the writer Kurt Eichenwald, who is a known epileptic, to cause a seizure.

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