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TV without bezels, among the novelties of Samsung for CES 2020

Samsung is one of the stars of all Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In previous years, it has shown 4K and 8K TVs, and a line of QLED monitors without bezels is expected for the 2020 edition.

This was reported by The Elec, indicating that senior executives, including the head of Consumer Electronics (CE), Kim Hyun-seok, approved the product during an internal meeting.

Samsung plans to mass-produce the TV as of February, indicating that it is more than a surface technology, the South Korean media added.

The manufacturer, according to the same source, has removed the edge for televisions from 65 inches, more closely welding the screen panel and the main body.

"Unlike other products, called zero bevel that actually still had bezels, this one really does not have a bezel," revealed a developer who worked the project on The Elec.

The specialist confesses that employees of the image visualization division of the company raised their concern for the integrity of the structure, fearing the possible separation of the panel and the main body.

But the TV without frames is not the only surprise of Samsung for the show that will be developed in Las Vegas, because it also plans to show realizations of its C-Lab laboratory, such as a virtual keyboard, a virtual sunlight source and an interactive humanoid robot .

One who wants to shade him is his compatriot LG, who has confirmed the presentation of a range of 8K TVs, the first to obtain the 8K Ultra HD certification.

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