Teslasuit presents an RV glove that allows you to feel virtual textures

Teslasuit presents an RV glove that allows you to feel virtual textures

teslasuit presents glove glove rv feat

Teslasuit, a full-body suit with hptic feedback, continues its evolution with a glove that allows users to feel virtual textures while monitoring their biometric data.

Simply called Teslasuit Glove (Teslasuit Glove), it can be used with the entire Teslasuit suit or separately, offering a more immersive virtual reality (RV) experience in a range of applications that include, in addition to video games, job training and medical rehabilitation. The glove is completely wireless and, if used with the Teslasuit, establishes a connection via Wi-Fi.

The Teslasuit Glove comes with a 3-by-3-inch optical screen for each finger, which enables the touch and texture effects. It also comes with force feedback capability for spatial effects, resistance and vibration.

The motion capture functions of the Teslasuit Glove can determine the positions of each of the user's fingers and grimace, while its biometric monitoring system tracks information such as pulse, emotional status, stress level and heart rate.

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The CEO of Teslasuit, Sergei Nossoff, has said that the Teslasuit Glove will launch in the second half of 2020, although we will surely be able to know it firsthand (and never better said) at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, an event that begins on 7 January.

Formally announced at CES 2018, the Teslasuit presents an “electro-tactile optical feedback system” that makes virtual reality experiences even more realistic, as its users feel a wide variety of sensations, from light strokes to stronger impacts .

The Teslasuit was also present at CES 2019, when it presented its ability to capture motion, climate control and other biometric capabilities. Dimitri Mikhalchuk, one of the co-founders of Teslasuit, said that the biometrics will be able to determine if the user is stressed, scared, tired, nervous or bored, which in turn allows virtual reality to respond more closely to their physical state and mental

Other trends that, we are sure, will have a great impact on CES 2020 include 5G networks, artificial intelligence and car technology, as well as specific advances in products such as robotic vacuum cleaners and dual-screen PCs.

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