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Right Runner is the perfect game to become aware of this world

Right Runner is a game released by UNICEF and that puts us first and foremost a runner in which we must use both our legs and a skateboard to get out of all these problems that a person can face in many of the cities of this planet.

A game based on everything that youth movement in which radical changes are demanded to those above and who claim their rights before a very unfair world in many areas of this planet. And the truth that brings everything we can expect from a game that earns a lot visually and is very well worked at all levels.

Parkour on the way to school

Right runner

UNICEF has released this game called Right Runner in which we will be able tos handle a series of girls and boys, including groups of them, through a series of levels located in the slums of some cities. A hóstil world for the new generations and that is transferred to this game so that we go down a little of that “zone” in which we live better.

Right runner

A game that does not overlook the problems that occur related to climate change and that in many moments they will become true problems that we have to know how to anticipate with great leaps. This gives everything a great tip and something we are not used to.

That is, we are facing a very real game and that is set in Latin America and the Caribbean. Your goal will be to find friends to help you with this change that is required in these times.

A gameplay that catches in Right Runner

Right runner

It must be said that the gameplay is more than elaborate and the levels are long enough that we need more than a few lives to complete them. The first one puts us before a skateboard, and do not miss this other skateboard, which will help us avoid all kinds of obstacles.

Right runner

We must also have some gestures on screen to perform double jumps, normal jumps or sliding to pass under obstacles or even remove from the middle a series of barrels full of weapons.

Each level tries to generate all those places that many in the West do not want to go through, but which are part of the life of millions of people that populate this planet. In total we will have 5 levels and the environments pass through dark cities to island communities.

A rich and diverse landscape awaits you in which to jump and parkour

Right runner