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Glee series. SPC low cost bets


Glee series. SPC low cost bets

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December 1, 2015

spc glee 10.1 screen

The low range of both tablets and phablets are two areas where we can find greater competition between brands and that is, this sector is in which there are a lot of companies that for many are totally unknown, who find here the ideal channel to go to the market and try to occupy its portion of land.

When talking about very affordable devices, we generally refer to chinese firms which, as we have seen on some occasions, offer terminals for less than 100 euros with very limited benefits but from which we can not expect much more. This is the case of SPC, a company of which many users are unaware of its existence, at least in Europe but that nevertheless, is determined to make a place within the more affordable models like the ones that make up the Glee series, of which we detail below its most important characteristics.

spc glee 10.1 3g screen

The screens, a point in common

As we mentioned before, the Glee Series It consists of two devices that share aspects such as panels, of 10.1 inchand the resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels. Although manufacturers claim that it is possible to view content in HD In both Glee, the lack of image quality in both devices is large and therefore, we cannot expect too much sharpness.

Reality, captured with limits

Image properties are not one of the strengths of these two SPC terminals not only on the screen, but also in cameras, which only have 2 Mpx resolution.

spc dark glee 10.1 housing

First difference, the processors

Regarding performance, we highlight that both tablets have components Intel, however, the Glee 10.1 has a 8-core A7 processor and a frequency of 1.8 Ghz that are more than acceptable to be a low cost device and that allows the execution of several applications simultaneously without causing slowness. On the other hand, the Glee 10.1 3G is equipped with a Intel Atom 4-core with a speed of 1.2 Ghz which sacrifices a fast operation of the tools installed in the device in exchange for an improvement in connectivity.

Identical memory

Another aspect in which the two devices of the Glee series coincide is memory 1 GB RAM and that is somewhat scarce, accompanied by a internal storage of only 8 which can expand to 32 GB by cards Micro SD.

Operating system and connectivity

Both the Dark Glee 10.1 inches and its equivalent in 3G, are equipped with Android. However, the first terminal has the version 4.4 While the most recent one has one of the latest updates of this operating system, the 5.1. In terms of connectivity, we find important limitations in the case of Dark glee, which only supports connections Wifi.