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15 series that you can watch on YouTube

For all of you who like to spend hours in the chair watching your favorite series, we bring you 15 series that you can watch on YouTube.

We all know platforms like Netflix, Amazon Video or HB to watch series. However, YouTube does not want to miss the opportunity to be present in what many call the little gold of the series.

That is why from the largest and most used video platform in the world, you can also see different types of series, of different years and themes, to give us more hours of popcorn and armchair.

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We will watch series that are entirely free along with others, which are included in the service YouTube Premium.

This payment service includes the advertising suppression, Add YouTube Music Premium within the same payment, it will allow us download what we want to see it without connection and, in addition, we can enjoy exclusive content.

Since September many series that were Premium are no longer and can be seen for free, although others are still paid.

Cobra Kai

This series is the sequel to the movie Karate Kid How successful it was in the mid-80s.

The action takes place 30 years after the All Valley Karate Tournament and takes place when the rivalry between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence is present again.

It's a YouTube Premium series, although at the time of writing this article, we can watch the first two episodes of the first season for free.

Malcomm in the middle

It is a series that was broadcast by first time in 2000 and that ended in 2006 after 7 seasons, getting a Peabody award, seven Emmy awards, a Grammy and seven times a nomination for the Golden Globes.

This fun series focuses on the life of a teenager named Malcomm, with a somewhat strange life and an unconventional family. Some of the situations that occur to him are very funny, surreal and exaggerated, which was the main architect of his success.

The Twilight Zune

It is a series considered for many as one of the best that have been made of fantasy, science fiction and terror, although it only has one season.

It is based on another much older series issued in 1959 and created by Rod Sterling.

With the narration of the actor Forest Whitaker, in each chapter two stories were told about different themes, always within the mystery and science fiction.

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Do you want to see a dead body?

It is a comedy released on YouTube Red in 2017 and created by Owen Burke and Rob Huebel.

In each chapter there is a guest artist, with which they interact in a humorous way in search of a corpse.

MyMusic: The Experience

It's a fun comedy where parody the current music and everything around her.

The protagonists work in a music producer called MyMusic, which is in the process of reconstruction and from there everyone must reinvent itself.

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Sabrina the teenage witch

Sabrina's world changes when, on her 16th birthday, her tastes reveal that they are all witches. From there begin to happen extravagant and fun situations.

This comedy, aired in the 90s, had much success internationally (including Spain) and now you can watch it on YouTube.

I'm your fan

The plot of this series begins when Charly (Ana Claudia Talancn), just ends a relationship meets Nicols (Martn Altomaro) in a cafe and decides to try a relationship with him, despite having nothing in common.

This Mexican series is based on another Argentinean of the same name created by Dolores Fonzi and Constanza Novick. At present it has two seasons.

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The Inferno Furze

It's a YouTube Premium series that features 10 episodes starring Colin Furze.

Colin is known for his YouTube channel, where he has more than 5 million subscribers, and for his inventions.

He has come to build a battleship with a water can or a giant pet park.

In this series, we can enjoy the whole creative process of many of his inventions.


Evangelion is one of the anime series with the most followers, considered by many to be the best ever in its genre.

In this series the organization NERV paramilitary protects all mankind of the attacks of different beings by means of humanoid wicks called EVA.

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Dallas & Robbery

This comedy of adult animation, He spends time in space with the pilot Dallas and the warrior and also poet Robo, trying to get dollars through space, having to deal with strange characters, such as cannibal cyclists or space truckers.

Step Up: High Water

This YouTube Premium series is based on the experiences of two twin brothers, Tal and Janelle, who after their mother ended up in the jail, meet a legendary dance teacher (Sage Odom) and an ex-dancer (Collete) who they pass all their passion for dancing.

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The series begins when Henrietta (aka Henry), 16, discovers that can teleport after an attempted rape.

This series is based on the third novel in the Jumper saga, written by Steven Gould.

Despite being a YouTube Premium series, you can watch all its episodes for free.

Single by 30

It is a romantic comedy in which two friends make the promise to get married if when they reach 30 they are still single and without any commitment.

After 12 years their lives cross again and it is time to decide whether to make the promise effective or forget it.

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In this series we follow Wayne, a 16-year-old boy, who rides his motorcycle with his girlfriend Del, with the purpose of recovering from Pontiac Trans Am from 79 who stole his father before his death.

We are facing another YouTube Premium series.


This YouTube Premium science fiction series has been created by Mika Watkins.

The series begins with a group of people, who are abandoned in a ship in which there is some kind of parasite It infects them. From there, everyone must fight for their survival.

All the series lovers, We are in luck for the quality and quantity of these. In addition, we have many platforms to enjoy them, to which we must add Youtube, which seems determined to fight to gain a place in this series.

Did you like all the series? What is your favorite show?

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