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The 10 Christmas commands for Alexa you should know

Alexa Christmas commands

Virtual assistants have become part of our daily lives, so it is not surprising that they are also part of these Christmas celebrations. That's why we have prepared for you a list with 10 Christmas commands for Alexa you should know. So do not miss this post and scale the maximum benefit to your assistant in this special time.

Alexa, open Christmas Radio

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The songs and the music They are an integral part of our culture and our lives. That is why many artists have created songs and music for the holiday seasons, and Christmas could not be the exception.

So tune in to the stations where you can listen to all those wonderful tracks with the Alexa Christmas Radio. Once you have enabled the feature, simply ask Alexa to open Christmas Radio and you will have all your favorite Christmas songs at your disposal.

Alexa, tell me a Christmas joke

The jokes are fun, they make people laugh, they can be an excellent icebreaker and also good entertainment. So, if you don't know any good Navideo jokes, Just let Alexa take care of the situation. Simply use the Alexa voice command, call me a Christmas joke and the laughs will be guaranteed.

But if you want to surprise others and be the life of the party, you can do that too. Use this Alexa skill, to learn some good jokes privately and show off later with your family and friends.

Alexa, play Christmas sounds

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Would you like your life to have a musical background like in the movies? Alexa can do it for you. With Alexa's Christmas sounds, You can create a magical atmosphere by allowing some of your favorite jingles to start playing while your family and you enjoy time together.

For this to work, you just have to ask Alexa to play Christmas sounds and you will have your environment adapted to this time of year. Also, if at any point you need everything to be silent or the sound to stop, just ask Alexa to stop the playback.

Alexa, tell a Christmas story

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The stories are always interesting and fun, so nothing better than listening to the best Christmas stories with the little ones in the house. And Alexa can tell you beautiful Christmas stories for your family to enjoy.

Of course, all you have to do is ask the Amazon assistant to tell you a Christmas story. Alexa be delighted to help you and entertain you, telling you a beautiful story.

Alexa, sing a Christmas carol

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Christmas carols are a primary part of Christmas and Alexa knows, that's why she can sing your favorite carols. Simply say: "Alexa, sing a Christmas carol", and the assistant sing one for you.

You can also choose to ask Alexa to play Christmas music from the platform of your choice. So, let Alexa take care of entertaining the party for you.

Alexa, open Lea's Home

Alexa home Lena "width =" 1200 "height =" 700

This is a rather peculiar command, but you will surely love it. Just by saying ?Alexa, open Hogar de lea?, you can see and hear (on your mobile or speaker) read them crackling, as if they were in your own fireplace. This sound will relax you and create a harmonious environment inside your home.

Alexa, talk like Santa Claus

Alexa, talk like Santa Claus! This is the command you should give to your Amazon personal assistant If you want me to imitate Pap Noel. The little ones of the house, will have a lot of fun with him. Although you may be a little disappointed to know that Alexa doesn't change her voice to mimic Pap Noel, but don't let that end the fun.