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Experts predict the purchase of Netflix or Disney + by Apple this 2020

Stop the presses! Who will imagine that something like this could happen? We are sorry to announce that no, Apple has not acquired any of these two streaming platforms. But It has been one of the most popular comments in the list of predictions that the Hollywood Reporter media has asked experts in this field. We are not talking about analysts this time but in Hollywood experts from various media They wanted to place their bets for this 2020.

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<h2>Comments of the most varied to start 2020</h2>
<p>In the list of comments we can find all kinds, from <strong>ms women directing great film productions</strong>, even more technology companies betting on creating content. Some even bet that BoJack Horseman becomes real. Among all this collapse there are comments of the most interesting; <strong>there are those who bet on Apple having to give up on their incursion to content creation and Apple TV +</strong> (although without this having any negative impact on your accounts), and on the other hand <strong>there are those who bet on a large acquisition of Apple</strong> within this sector, Netflix or Disney.</p>
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“Apple decides to go big and buys Disney or Netflix. Or simply decide that this business does not help you sell many products and decide to quit. In any case without great impact. ”

Comment Hiram Garcia

“Apple acquire a great content creator. They are going to spend a lot of money working with someone who is doing this well. ”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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Will the predictions be right?

Merely predictions that are still striking thinking about Apple’s recent development with Apple TV +. Although in the short term it does not seem the most logical movement (possibly Apple TV + needs a little more time), in the long term it will be a plausible action that does not displease, and give both media capacity to create more content.

The acquisition of Netflix or Disney by Apple will empower both media to create more content.

We do not know that they have these great companies in mind for this 2020, but surely some of the predictions they have raised are fulfilled. At the moment there goes my prediction “Apple continue to create incredible devices and content this 2020”. And you? Tennis any technological prediction for this next year? Do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section.