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VLC for iPad and iPhone is available again on the App Store

VideoLAN has revealed very important news for all iOS users: VLC for iOS return to the App Store. The company has announced that the application be free and available worldwide, require iOS 5.1 or higher and work on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

The application is already available in the App Store of some countries such as New Zealand, Australia and North America. At the moment Spanish is not yet available, although it is a matter of time.

VLC for iOS returns to the App Store rewritten from scratch and with open code

As expected, VLC for iOS version 2.0 is an open source project. This time, however, your code will be available online, bi-licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2, as well as the General Public License Version 2 or later.

The MPLv2 is applicable for distribution in the App Store, which is very important, as it was the reason why Apple expelled VLC from its store in 2011. The original for iOS was approved in September 2010 and was made as a project parallel to the official desktop application of VideoLAN.


After months of discussions between the application developers, the creators of the desktop application and Apple, The application ended up being removed from the App Store by, according to the company, violating the rules of the GPL license. This time the Mozilla licensing will try to prevent this from happening again.

According to VideoLAN statements:

?We have worked hard with the main copyright holders not to repeat history and we are sure that we have achieved this goal. "

Since it was VideoLAN that suggested Apple to remove the App Store application in the past, this is undoubtedly good news for iOS users who were jealous of Android users who a few months ago can enjoy the application

However, the development of the iOS version has been much more complex. VideoLAN ensures that it is not an update of the previous application, it is a completely rewritten version.

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<p>The iOS application is <em>?Much faster?</em>, thanks to modern audio and video output modules, as well as multi-core decoding. Even more impressive is that <strong>the iOS application could open all the formats that the desktop application can handle</strong>. Wow!</p>
<p>In addition to the original features, VideoLAN has added more options to synchronize with multimedia media <em>(upload via WiFi, native integration with Dropbox, support for third-party applications through the Share dialog box and go Internet download)</em>, support for network streaming, video filters, access code, background audio playback and playback speed settings. Also support subtitles, multiple audio tracks and <strong>playback on external screens goes AirPlay</strong>. That is, an application to play video on iPad or iPhone very very complete.</p>
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<p>Last but not least, as explained in TheNextWeb, VideoLAN has reported that it is working on a developer SDK. The company plans to launch VLC Media Player 2.1 for desktop this summer.</p>
<p>(appfeedid = 650377962)</p>
<p>An impressive multimedia player capable of playing all kinds of files on our iPad. Essential! We hope you arrive soon at the Spanish App Store. Did you miss him?</p>