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Spotify improves your music download by tripling your limit

Music streaming has de facto become the most common way to listen to our favorite songs. There are users who prefer services like Apple Music or even the new Youtube Music but the king is still Spotify,

The European company has tens of millions of users, mostly in its free version but increasingly the type that interests them, the one who hires a premium account.

That is why today they have announced that they improve one of the star features of this version, which allows you to download the music to listen to it offline in case we are going to get on a plane or where we are going there is no good coverage (or we do not want to spend data).

More songs and more devices

Until now Spotify Premium users had a limit of 3333 songs to download. The number is logical if we think that up to 3 different devices are allowed, that is, 10,000 songs in total.

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The new limit triples the previous one, arriving at 10,000 songs available on each device. In addition, the number of devices on which we can download that music also increases, from three to five.

But although in theory we will have a maximum limit of 50,000 songs if we fill the five maximum devices that the Spotify Premium account allows us, the reality is different. There is a different limitation on payment accounts and that is no more than 10,000 songs associated with our music library are allowed So, de facto, this is the limit.

Everything indicates that this limitation will be modified shortly, otherwise it would be almost like not having raised the limit of songs. Surely in the next few days Spotify announce the change in this section.

Of course, if you are going to use your Spotify account at this level you will have to be careful with the amount of available space that the application will eat.