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SIX applications to train with your iPhone or Apple Watch

2020 is just around the corner and with it come good purposes. One of the most repeated is to exercise again to improve health and feel better inside and out. Apple with its equipment such as the iPhone and iPad, but especially the Apple Watch, makes it much easier to convert these purposes into habits without realizing it thanks to the hundreds of applications available in the App Store that turn your iPhone into a personal trainer.

Health is much more important than we imagine going beyond being fit, going to be in the background or third plane until we face a complicated health situation. For us it is so important that In fact, this is not the first time we have discussed this issue., and we have already talked about apps to lose weight and be in a healthy way, apps to train like a professional, or even how to select one of the 77 exercises included in the Apple Watch. If you want to discover a few more health-related applications, we show you SIX applications to train with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

SIX applications to train with your iPhone or Apple Watch

Gym life

For all those who do not forgive the gym even during the holidays, Gym Life – Routine Gym It allows you to monitor the workouts, whether cardio, body building or weights. It is how to carry a personal trainer that helps to control the rest times, which controls the heart rate and gives information about the calories removed in each session. It also allows us to keep the history of training and share on social networks the details of each visit to the gym


There are times when we propose to eat healthier but without being very clear about how. What Lifesum does: easy weight loss is Advise us on what is the ideal diet according to our lifestyle, register calories and macronutrients and discover healthy, but tasty recipes. The goal, lose a few kilos and adopt a more balanced diet without forgetting proposals for vegan or ketogenic dishes.

Calm: Meditation and sleep

There are times when, to be better, the only thing we need is to brake dry and breathe. That meditation improves life is clear every time a greater number of people. Calm: meditation and sleep proposes to help us suffer less stress, reduce anxiety and better sleep. It has guided meditations, breathing programs, relaxing music and a collection of sleeping stories. An app to, in short, be happier.

Streaks Workout

Streaks Workout act as a personal trainer who recommends exercises that can be done in the hotel room, park or beach. Nothing more is needed, except perhaps a little willpower, of course. Also Automatically play music training with Apple Music.

Adidas Training by Runastic

The temptation is always stalking. A simple invitation to walk can become our perdition if we start to peck or have a beer. Something we can compensate thanks to Adidas Training by Runastic and the collection of exercises that include and that range from burning fat to toning or even marking abs. The difference is marked by more than 180 HD videos to clear any doubts from experts. In addition to exercise routines, it also includes warm-up or stretching proposals, essential to avoid any injury. It includes integration with the Apple Health app to synchronize physical activity data.

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds