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How to remove duplicate contacts from your calendar

Over time our digital agendas are accumulating many phone numbers. Childhood friends, work people, temporary phones and a long list of contacts that in many cases we get to double or triple for not taking good management on how we keep our contacts, imports or use more than one team poorly synchronized

If this is your case and you want to put an end to this situation, We tell you how you can remove duplicate contacts from your calendar in a matter of seconds using your computers with macOS.

How to remove duplicate contacts from your phonebook using your Mac device

Time required:1 minute.

Removing duplicate contacts from our agendas is very simple if we use an updated device with the latest version of macOS, since it includes a new function destined exclusively for that as we tell you next.

  1. Contacts application in macOS

    We open the Contacts application on our computers with macOS.

  2. Men card

    We look in the top menu of the contacts application for the card section.

  3. Search Duplicates

    Within the card section we find the option of Search Duplicates that will show us all the contacts of our agenda that are in this situation

Once we have located all the duplicate contacts we have, The system offers us to merge them individually to review the cards that are going to be merged, or together without reviewing anything. Pressing the Merge button, all duplicate contacts will disappear immediately, integrating into a single contact and immediately reflecting on all devices that share the same Apple ID.

In this way we make sure to delete all duplicate or badly stored contacts at once, to start a good review of all of them and update our agenda.