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These are our favorite features of the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 10+

The S Pen is one of the best tools we have in the Note series and it is the one that has given it its name since the first one arrived its years ago. We are going to show you on video the 9 best functions that you have in your hand with this pencil with which you will be able to do many things.

Things like power translate text intuitively, take selfies remotely or pass on text the notes you have written on the same screen of the Galaxy Note; In this case we do it on the Note 10+. An S Pen that gives wings to the experience that can be generated from a mobile and that we tell you with these new functions.

Take notes with the screen off

Take notes on the screen off of Note 10

Take notes with the screen off is one of the best features of the S Pen. As simple as taking the S Pen out of its space, writing the note, we keep it back in its place, and the note will be automatically saved. That is, you do not need to turn on the screen of your Galaxy Note 10; and that of which we recently did the review with 30 minutes on video to leave nothing in the pipeline.

Take notes of what you see on the screen

Take notes on the screen of the Galaxy Note 10

We can be working with texts in Google Drive, with spreadsheets Microsoft Excel or chatting from Slack with the team of our company, so that with this function we can take notes on all these options and everything that goes through the screen of our Note.

  • Click on the icon of exclusive functions of the S Pen.
  • And now about “Write on screen”.
  • A quick capture is made and we will have the options to take notes of other apps.

Notes on the calendar

Add notes in the calendar

Similar to the previous function, this time we will use the calendar as a backdrop To take those notes What better than having our notes taken by hand indicating those important points of a day of the month. That is, you can put a circle so that day x of the week is the important one or anything else you need in your day to day work; Do not miss everything you can do with Samsung Dex with your Galaxy Note 10 or S10.

  • We go back to the S Pen icon by removing it from its site.
  • Press about “calendar notes” (If this option is not available, you can add it at the end of all that you have active).
  • We write a note or we can make a quick circle with the S Pen.

Pass notes to text

Pass notes to text with OCR from the Galaxy Note 10

The Galaxy Note It has OCR text recognition linked to the S Pen or the notes we take with him. It works like this:

  • We wrote a note.
  • We keep it
  • We open it and click on it
  • The toolbar appears at the bottom
  • Press about text recognition and by magic the text by hand becomes text.

A more than important function for pass those notes to text We have written.

Smart selection

Smart selection and setting the selection

If you still do not get along with your own selection of Android text, you can use your S Pen to quickly select text. Imagine an intelligent bond that when you leave the S Pen on the area to be selected, allows you to take all you want.

  • From the S Pen button.
  • Click on "smart select" or "smart selection"
  • Now on the area we want to make the selection, press and expand to take the desired space.
  • That zone is selected and we can share or fix it.
  • Fix it serves to leave it fixed and to continue browsing the web or another app in which we are.

Imagine that you are facing an Excel and you want to compare campaign results of sales. You set some data and compare it quickly by having that selection always fixed.

Translate Text with the S Pen

Translate text with the S Pen

This is one of the most striking functions of the S Pen. And really it will help us to translate text, but with the great interaction that the S Pen achieves by being able to select a whole word or sentence. You only have to pose the S Pen without touching the screen and it will highlight the word. So is:

  • You pose the S Pen.
  • A word or sentence is selected.
  • The word pop up emerges with the translation and the word play button in the chosen language.
  • You can change in the menu at the top the language of the source, to which it is translated and if you want to select a word or a complete sentence.

A great function for those who are all day with texts in other languages or you just want to learn English.

Selfies or remote photos

Taking selfies remotely with the Samsung S Pen

You can leave your Galaxy Note 10 on a location to make a selfie and also be in the photo. The best thing about making a selfie in remote with the S Pen is that you are going to be able to go out all and with the most natural pose. But not only this, but from the S Pen you can press twice to change the rear camera to the front and vice versa, or use the air gestures to zoom and more.

  • Open the camera app.
  • You leave the mobile on a tripod or on a fixed place.
  • You press on the S Pen button, and selfie made.

The Air gestures of the S Pen are made by pressing the button while the gesture is made. You can configure what each gesture does in apps what do you want

Spotify remote control, and media players

Multimedia controls of the S Pen

Spotify, YouTube, VLC and many more They can be controlled from the comfort of the S Pen. Simply press once to stop and once to play. We can also use the Air gestures to pass songs, go backwards, increase volume or lower it.

Like the previous function, from the settings of the S Pen you can configure Air gestures for each action.

Drawing with the S Pen

Drawing with the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 10

Drawing with the S Pen is wonderful And it can be your gateway to digital illustration. An app like Autodesk Sketchbook can be essential to break through and have a lot of professional drawing tools to draw with your S Pen.

If writing is already very intuitive and very natural, drawing is an experience. Just take a look at the video to see how at the end of the same drawing in a matter of seconds a face.

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