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The invisible friend in Karmaland: Everyone opens their presents

We are at the time of the year in which more gifts are made. Some do Santa Claus and the Magi but others are made among us. But who said that gifts should be only in real life and not in the virtual world? In this article we will tell you how it has gone The invisible friend in Karmaland.

We already advance that the famous streamers that are part of this series of Minecraft They have healed it a lot. Think that most of them are famous because they know how to show and therefore They know how to play the game they are asked at every moment of the series.

This has been the draw of the invisible friend in Karmaland

The gods of karmaland they put in the village a machine in which the inhabitants of the server can go pick up a paper. In that paper he appeared the name of the streamer they had to give the gift to. In the different videos and direct we could see who was playing each one.

The truth is that the thing was more exciting than a draw for the Champions League. Although everything was totally clean, the sea of ??interesting matches remained. Here tennis the result:

Vegetta> Auronplay

Willyrex> Fargan

Alexby> Luzu

Luzu> Mangel

Mangel> Alexby

Rubius> Willyrex

Auronplay> Vegetta

Lolito> Rubius

Fargan> Lolito

What have the inhabitants of Karmaland 4 given?

Most streamers have opted for give materials and animals to their neighbors. Diamonds have been the star gifts, although golden apples, mines and rare materials have also played an important role. In almost all cases there were a chest with these materials.

But be careful because we want to make a special mention to Alexby. He is probably not the most famous streamer in the series but we give him the prize for best invisible friend in Karmaland. Crack I gave Luzu a death star That looks great in the sky next to the house of the future mayor.

If you want to see how all streamers open their gifts We encourage you to access your YouTube channels. Although, as you know, this will take you a lot of work so we leave you here a compilation that we have found in which they appear one behind the other opening them.

What do you think of you? If we are sincere in writing we have sucked all the invisible friend of Karmaland 4. In fact we are hooked to the series and hope it lasts many more months. Recently we told you everything we know about this macro event. Long live Karmaland!