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Master Thief is the new Ketchapp Games to steal pictures

Master Thief

A new Ketchapp Games game has not been going through these lines for some time. This time we have Master Thief, a casual title, and how could it be otherwise, in which we have to steal paintings of great value from the masters of painting.

We talk about teachers like Van Gogh, Munch and many others who Ketchapp has resorted to make his own "copies" More than fun and flashy. A title loaded with advertising, and that will put you in the first ads up to 29 seconds of them.

A basic gameplay in which to be quick in the escape

Master Thief

Master Thief is a new casual of Ketchapp Games, and we have talked about many games many times, in which we have to be a thief that we move with a stick on the screen. We just have to find the best time to throw us through the picture and go out beating so that the security of the museum will not catch us.

That is to say, that you move, you avoid the radius of action of the agents so that the alarms do not sound and in the most opportune moment, you reach the picture to take it. In that same instant the alarms sound and several agents will leave of security for you.

We just have to pounce towards the window to jump on a rope and we can get on the helicopter that will get us out of there in the shortest possible time. And this is the simple Master Thief gameplay for us to demonstrate our skills in stealing masterpieces from the most important museums in the world.

Steal paint classics in Master Thief

Master Thief

And so it will increase the difficulty of each level so that we focus on the security agents that surround that box of great value. What we have to do is take advantage of that instant in which vision radius It does not cover the route to get directly to the painting so that our thief can take it instantly.

These levels will be more complex, so you have to have holy patience to wait to see how the agents move and study their route. Virtually Master Thief is based on that, but also on avoid the agents when we take the picture and they leave us everywhere. Attentive not to throw your hand on you, because the game will end and you will find a 30 second advertisement.

The truth that we have swallowed two of 30 seconds In the minutes we played. Well, something that we are used to in Ketchapp Games games and that in this one, for 3.49 euros, you can eliminate the blissful publicity to enjoy all the levels that await you.

This is how a white glove is stolen

Master Thief

Master Thief is a curious game for some aspects. Especially for the walk of our thief and that is dressed with that flashlight that offers us the option to see in the dark. The perspective is also quite curved to give us a quick idea of ​​how to get to the painting and how to get out.