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Do you have Twitter on Android? Update NOW or they can steal your data

  • The vulnerability of Twitter had to do with a specific malicious code

  • If she managed to insert herself in the app Android, the account could be violated

  • According to the social network, this same problem does not exist for the iOS version

Within a hyperconnected world, practically no one is safe from cybersecurity incidents. Users can risk having a malicious program infect their computers and use them to generate money illegally. Also companies, regardless of their size, can be victims of some attack that limit access or steal your business information. Don't even pages like Twitter or Facebook They escape these serious gaps.

That no company or individual is safe triggers the cost of cyber crime on a global scale. According Internet Society attacks on individuals, companies or platforms like Twitter cost the world about 600 billion dollars (mdd) a year. Accenture Note that the incidents that fall into human errors are the ones that have increased the most. In data from Panda Security, a constant improvement is required just to reduce the impact of these challenges.

Just this last principle is the key to an excellent cybersecurity strategy. Although it seems paranoid, people and companies should know that they are not safe at any time. It is also a requirement to constantly work to improve protection protocols and ensure the best defense against viruses and hackers. But more importantly, as Twitter is about to demonstrate, it is crucial to have the latest update installed as soon as possible.

A serious security flaw on Twitter for Android

Mashable has just reported a very important security information for Twitter users on Android. According to Official site From the microbblogging network, the platform has just detected, and repaired, a very serious security issue for the version of this operating system. An error in the software let malicious agents know the personal information of the users. It also gave access to post tweets, as well as send direct messages.

Related Notes

Twitter ensures that the error has already been corrected. Also, I pointed out that there are no reports that this vulnerability has been used against any of its users. However, the company points out that it is important that the app to its most recent version. To ensure that no Android user is left without knowing the information, the company will send notifications to the vulnerable public. Ah, ask for the immediate update of the program.

The year of security breaches

Along with Twitter, other social platforms have had incidents and problems with illegal access to their users' personal information. Yesterday It was revealed that the personal data of 267 million Facebook users had been leaked, including phone number. One day before, a serious vulnerability was also announced in WhatsApp capable of killing the app With a single message. Not even the dating apps Get rid of these challenges.

Many companies share the same problem as Twitter. Malicious agents are in a literal arms war against cybersecurity experts over the domain of the digital environment. So it is neither the first nor the last time that companies suffer a fatal error or a dangerous leak for the integrity of the users. But what stands out in this particular case is the way the social network handled the matter with its public of followers.

In general, companies in the environment usually keep these types of hidden processes. And with good reason. Not only does the public not spread among the public, it also helps that, if malicious agents still did not know about this vulnerability, they do not exploit it as soon as the news is known. But it is also keeping the audience in the shade. People appreciate honesty and transparency. That's why Twitter has spoken and warned about the risk is positive.

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