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Zuckerbot: the meticulous work to 'make Zuckerberg speak'

The scandal of Cambridge Analytica marked a before and after for Facebook and its creator, Mark Zuckerberg. The knowledge that companies took advantage of the platform data to benefit political and commercial campaigns did not leave indifferent users, who for the first time seriously questioned the effects of delivering their personal information on the Internet.

The truth is that uncovering this scandal was a joint work of media such as The Observer and The Guardian of England. Precisely the latter has not been able to talk with the founder of the social network since the issue broke out, assuming an unfair journalistic veto that ended a few days ago in a very particular way.

Why The guardian, taking advantage of the existing technology, I created a bot that I baptized as Zuckerbot and with the use of big data and multiple data crossings managed to reach the exact answers of Zuckerberg.

We work with Botnik Studios to create a predictive keyboard trained in three years of interviews, speeches, blog posts and testimonials from the Zuckerberg Archives: more than 200,000 words. Then, The Guardian and The Observer journalists provided the questions and Botnik used the Zuckerbot to produce the answers, ”commented the English media.

Zuckerbot's responses

Was the journalist Julia Carrie Wong who unravels the mind of Mark Zuckerberg through this alter ego created by computer.

Thus, The Guardian is building a very interesting conversation, which we summarize with the following answers:

  • On whether Facebook has created a better world: “Facebook is a happy version of who I am. I am a quite professional person and… I am definitely very interested in the use of baseball. Friends, we can do something better than ban disinformation and dance in the air. I want to capture the good news here in California: people click on Facebook until they love it. ”
  • Do you believe in democracy ?: "I believe in a dream of purpose and hope. In fact, I think it is inspiring for everyone to be entrepreneurs. But also for me to be an intermediary between people and the future of the Internet."
  • What did you talk to Donald Trump at the secret dinner ?: "Is there anything certain ever? Is there something secret sometime? Guess what? The answer is clear, maybe. Or maybe not. I'm going to say calm words on your face like I did with him and Congress."
  • What do you think about the erroneous information: “I don't believe in Germany. Does that need to be verified? ”
  • Finally, if we can trust you ?: “Recently I discovered a physical board that could be approximately one billion (1,000 million) years old and already generates about a million hours of video content overnight. Then you can trust that. ”

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