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Exclusive: the 10 most downloaded Prime Reading titles in 2019

It is time to sing Christmas carols, contemplate the street lights, zampar nougat, buy gifts (do not miss our guide with the best proposals) and take stock of 2019. In these 12 months, in Digital Trends in Spanish We have enjoyed the best video games and the devices that we liked the most and some of the most relevant technological releases.

Most downloaded titles from Prime Reading

For their part, companies boast their best figures and make known their greatest sales or download successes, such as the list of the best apps and games from the App Store or the artists and the most listened to songs on Spotify.

And we also present you one more list, this time exclusively for our readers: the one of the 10 most downloaded titles in Prime Reading in 2019 on Amazon Spain. Among them, mystery novels predominate, perfect for entertaining these Christmas holidays.

  1. The Time Travelerby Lorena Franco. This wonderful fantasy novel, which tells the vicissitudes of two brothers, hook you from the beginning. If it is the most downloaded of the list, for something be.
  2. The Murder of Pitgorasby Marcos Chicot. Self-published on Amazon by its own author, from ah jumped to paper. That already says a lot about the success of this novel of historical intrigue set in Ancient Greece.
  3. Faria: Stories and indiscretions of drug trafficking in Galicia (Narrative (Del Ko books)), by Nacho Carretero. Surrounded by polmica was withdrawn for a time from the sale for judicial matters, this journalistic essay reflects the heyday of the sale of cocana in Galicia. Transformed into a television series, which you can watch on Netflix, it is now adapting to the theater.
  4. 30 Das – Change habits, change your life: Some simple steps every day to create the life you want (Hbitos that will change your life n 1)by Marc Reklau. This self help book is a best-seller outside and inside Amazon. With practical exercises, the author gives the keys to get everything you propose.
  5. Master the damn phrasal verbs, by Michael Lennard. There is something more difficult in English grammar than the damned phrasal verbs? We think not. If one of your purpose for 2020 is to improve your English, describe it now.
  6. The Brotherhood (The Murder of Pitgoras Series)by Marcos Chicot. If you enjoyed the first one, you would also like to get hooked on the second book in this series.
  7. English keywords, Conor McAlinden. Another proposal to learn English in a practical way, with pleasant illustrations.
  8. The good daughterby Karin Slaughter. If you don't know this novel, catch up now. Its well-known author proposes a story of psychological suspense that catches you from the beginning and you cannot stop reading.
  9. The Secret of Malcolm: Finalist of the Amazon Literary Prize 2018 (MacGregor Brothers n 2)from Kate Danon. If you are looking for a good dose of emotion, this historical romantic novel is the second in the series initiated by La Joya de Meggernie, although both are self-exclusive. In any of them you will find love in abundance.
  10. Prohibited techniques of Persuasion, manipulation and influence using language patterns and NLP techniques (2nd Edition): How to persuade, influence and manipulate using language and NLP patternsby Steve Allen. Your title says it all. You will practically learn your method of persuasion through communication.

How to download these books?

Amazon Kindle in Spanish

The most downloaded titles are always a good choice for reading, because they are backed by other users. So be right with them now that you will have more free time for the holiday season (or if one of your 2020 purposes is to read more). Those on this list can be obtained for free through Amazon's Prime Reading service. And no, it is not necessary to have one of your e-books to enjoy them. It is possible to download them to your mobile phone or tablet through the specific apps for iOS and Android devices. If you have a Kindle or a Fire tablet, of course, you can also download them for those media. The only essential requirement to access free and unlimited Prime Reading books is to be an Amazon Prime user. Nothing more.

The Prime Reading catalog offers hundreds of books. There is only one limit: it lends you up to 10 titles at a time. If you exceed this number, you will have to return another of the downloaded ones. Of course, books can be downloaded as long as you want. Those 10 titles can be on all Kindle devices registered with that Prime Reading account. That is, if you have two Kindle e-books and the Kindle app downloaded to your phone or tablet, for example, and all those devices are synchronized with that same account in which you have Prime subscription, the same contents are synchronized on all those devices. So you can read whenever you want on your tablet or mobile and other times in your e-book, as you prefer.

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