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My mobile Xiaomi has WPS?

Xiaomi It is one of the firms that sells more smartphones, so it is possible that if we are users of a mobile phone from the Chinese manufacturer we ask ourselves whether or not you have WPS to connect to the Internet in a simple way.

Let's start by reviewing what the WPS is. WPS is a technology that we may not know or use without knowing very well how it works. It allows pair our WiFi router with the mobile in a simple way, without entering the WiFi password.

The WPS is a connection system that we must activate on our router by clicking on the button called WPS for a few seconds Then, we will have to follow the following steps:

  1. We open Settings in our mobile Xiaomi.
  2. We choose "Wifi".

Image - Does my Xiaomi phone have WPS?

  1. At the bottom, we must click on the section Additional settings.

Image - Does my Xiaomi phone have WPS?

  1. Click on WPS button, which will have to be found in this place.

Image - Does my Xiaomi phone have WPS?

I can't find the WPS on my mobile

It is possible that if we have a Xiaomi with a version of Android 9.0 or higher, let's not find said button since was removed in that update.

Although it was a simple and apparently safe process, since only we know that the WPS of our router was activated for a few minutes, the method involves significant risks.

With the arrival of MIUI 10, the version of the Xiaomi layer based on Android 9 Pie, the WPS button option disabled, increasing system security.

The thing changes when we have a terminal Xiaomi with MIUI 9, which is a version based on an Android prior to 9 Pie and, therefore, is available WPS.

To know if we are facing a Xiaomi device that has said button, we must follow the following steps:

  1. We open Settings on the mobile
  2. We go down to "Device Information".

Image - Does my Xiaomi phone have WPS?

  1. In the "Android version" section, if it appears 9.0 and up, we will not have the WPS button, or if in "MIUI Version" it indicates that it is MIUI 10 or higher.
  2. On the contrary, if we have a previous Android (8.1 Oreo or 7 Nougat, for example), we will have WPS.

Even if some users will miss WPS on their Xiaomi, the decision to eliminate it makes sense, as it implies a security risk, and it is not an initiative of the Chinese brand. Google itself was the one who disabled the connection method in Android 9 Pie, although manufacturers such as Huawei have kept WPS on smartphones on their own.

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