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10 jokes to do on Instagram for April Fools' Day

The April Fool's Day, ideal for play jokes on Instagram or wherever you want anyone. It is specifically on Saturday, December 28, but you can go thinking and testing who you are going to do it to make it perfect that day.

Instagram can be a good site for spend funny jokes on your contacts, and for this you can make only text publications, upload stories, images and even videos, although you must be original and unique so that the innocent fall into the trap.

Lately it's proliferating some other very interesting filter for Instagram Stories, where you can easily fool your contacts by making them believe something that really is not real, and the truth is that many people bite into them how well they are done.

Add a realistic dog to your stories

Image - 10 jokes to do on Instagram for April Fool's Day

If by chance you have family members who don't like pets or just don't let you have them at home, this can be a good joke for Instagram for April Fool's Day. It is a very realistic filter for stories.

Its about Sasha Dog filter, a very realistic dog filter that adds that animal to any Instagram Stories that you are going to upload. It seems real and you can choose the size and place to place it (on the bed, on the floor, etc.). Do you believe that you have a dog, when in fact it is not like that, surely more than one falls into the joke.

Publication of an image with a hair

Have you ever encountered a profile picture on Twitter or just a picture with a supposed hair over? If so, the first action you sure did was to swipe it over to remove it, but you realized that it was false.

Be a joke that is sure to give a lot of laughs, create an Instagram post and add an image edited on your computer, for example, with Paint where you must add a curved line so that it really looks like a hair.

The ducks filter

Image - 10 jokes to do on Instagram for April Fool's Day

Following the Instagram filters, next to the realistic dog we can find another one of some Ducks, but this time they are on the move. By adding it, you can capture a photo or a video of these ducks walking For the stay you want.

So who sees them think you have new pets, they move and even make noise. As with the Sasha Dog filterThey are very realistic and you can play a joke on any of your family or friends so they think you have ducks at home.

Upload a fake WhatsApp conversation

Do you know that there are specific apps to create fake WhatsApp conversations? This can be a fun joke to upload to Instagram for the Day of the Holy Innocents. Here you must unleash your imagination to create a surreal chat with which to play a joke.

There are even some of these applications that we talk about that allow you create up to a fake voice call with whoever you want, for example, you can upload a screenshot making you talk to someone famous. It's a matter of thinking a good joke that everyone falls into.

Start a flashy live

If you are one of the many direct beams, this resource can become a joke for the Day of the Innocents. For example, you can start one without sound and with a dark background and leave it activated for a couple of minutes to see the comments that it is raising.

After a while you can suddenly appear and scare your followers by congratulating them on this day or whatever else you want, it is a matter of giving free rein to your imagination so that no one forgets the joke all day.

Place a slide sticker on your stories

Image - 10 jokes to do on Instagram for April Fool's Day

Another joke with which you laugh a lot is to make your followers believe that they can slide your Instagram Stories up to open some type of link. You must create an attractive and striking storie with one of the many stickers that are on sliding.

But where is the joke here? Well, make believe that by sliding the screen of the story up they will go somewhere, when in reality it is not. Surely you know that many accounts allow this possibility, but if your account is small, you can fool your followers by putting this sticker, because nothing is opened.