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10 apps to share expenses

We have all had the problem of going out for dinner with friends or family, and by dividing the bill, we have evidenced that we have all eaten and drank different things and, therefore, not everyone should pay the same. Well, to help us in this type of case, today we bring you 10 apps to share expenses.

What is clear is that smartphones can help us in a multitude of tasks and when we have to divide an invoice among friends, it is better that these apps do it automatically and without any feeling.

The only essential thing is that all friends or family have these apps on their smartphones, active and registered if necessary.

How to control your expenses with the mobile


Image - 10 apps to share expenses

It is an app to control and share expenses, extremely easy to use and with an intuitive interface.

We just have to go putting the expenses and the application will take care of everything, even to remind those who have not paid that they should do it, to avoid the hassle of saying something to a friend.

It is available for both Android phones, and iOS and allows payment through PayPal.

  1. Download Splitwise for Android


  1. Download Splitwise for iOS



Image - 10 apps to share expenses

It is an app created at the beginning, to manage the company expensesbut also can be used to share expenses.

What makes this application highly recommended is that it is able to read the ticket of a dinner or of a purchase in a supermarket, and thus not having to put each item by hand. However, if you are unable to read the ticket, we can also enter all the information manually.