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10 apps to share expenses

We have all had the problem of going out for dinner with friends or family, and by dividing the bill, we have evidenced that we have all eaten and drank different things and, therefore, not everyone should pay the same. Well, to help us in this type of case, today we bring you 10 apps to share expenses.

What is clear is that smartphones can help us in a multitude of tasks and when we have to divide an invoice among friends, it is better that these apps do it automatically and without any feeling.

The only essential thing is that all friends or family have these apps on their smartphones, active and registered if necessary.

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Image - 10 apps to share expenses

It is an app to control and share expenses, extremely easy to use and with an intuitive interface.

We just have to go putting the expenses and the application will take care of everything, even to remind those who have not paid that they should do it, to avoid the hassle of saying something to a friend.

It is available for both Android phones, and iOS and allows payment through PayPal.

  1. Download Splitwise for Android


  1. Download Splitwise for iOS



Image - 10 apps to share expenses

It is an app created at the beginning, to manage the company expensesbut also can be used to share expenses.

What makes this application highly recommended is that it is able to read the ticket of a dinner or of a purchase in a supermarket, and thus not having to put each item by hand. However, if you are unable to read the ticket, we can also enter all the information manually.

Once this is done, we only have to allocate to whom each ticket expense corresponds and thus keep track.

It can be used on both iOS and Android terminals.

  1. Download Divvy for Android


  1. Download Divvy for iOS


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Image - 10 apps to share expenses

In Tricount we have two distinct parts, as they are expenses on the one hand and balance on the other. This makes you control everything very well at a first glance.

We can use it both from our smartphone, and from a web browser.

You can pay by PayPal, although it should have some kind of monthly summary, as it already has the apps that we have presented previously.

These monthly reports are very useful if we have several different groups, because that way we will better control the situation of each one.

Both Android and iOS users can use this app.

  1. Download Tricount for Android


  1. Download Tricount for iOS



Image - 10 apps to share expenses

This application has a very simple interface to use, with a fairly minimalist design.

Have multiple possibilities to calculate what each one owes, and can even work without an internet connection.

It makes us a Monthly summary of expenses in PDF or Excel format, and is able to convert the results of the accounts, to more than 150 different currencies around the world.

This app can be used by users of Android and iOS devices.

  1. Download Splid for Android


  1. Download Splid for iOS


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Settle up

Image - 10 apps to share expenses

The main difference of Settle Up with respect to other apps to control expenses, is that balances of all users are individual at all times, including a calendar to return said debt.

One of the hndicap of this app is advertising. In other applications of this type, the ads are small, usually at the bottom, and are not particularly annoying. However, in Settle Up advertising is launched in full screen and is most annoying.

This problem disappears if we opt for the paid version, highly recommended in this particular case.

The application is available for both Android and iOS.

  1. Download Settle Up for Android


  1. Download Settle Up for iOS


Clarity money

Image - 10 apps to share expenses

Clarity Money is an application that can control your personal expenses, such as group expenses.

On a personal level, you can manage bank accounts, expenses, receipts and everything you need to control.

In the case of the groups, you can control the expenses of each one and if it is required, it shows us the payment that each party must make, to take control and be able to claim said debt.

It is available for both Android and iOS mobile phones.

  1. Download Clarity Money for Android


  1. Download Clarity Money for iOS


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Image - 10 apps to share expenses

In this application we can do a photo to any ticket and select what each one has taken To know for sure, how much each one should pay.

The interface is extremely simple in its design (even too much) and the way to interact with the program is too.

It is available for smartphones that have both Android and iOS.

  1. Download Tab for Android


  1. Download Tab for iOS



Image - 10 apps to share expenses

Splittr is one of the ms complete as far as statistics are concerned.

Expenses can be divided among all users of the groups, seeing how much each user has to pay.

What makes this application particular is the fact of obtaining statistics, analysis of expenses and debts, even being able to create a PDF file with this data.

Another advantage is that you can pay through PayPal.

It is available for Android and iOS users from their respective official stores.

  1. Download Splittr for Android


  1. Download Splittr for iOS



Image - 10 apps to share expenses

This app allows us manage expenses between roommates, and even distribute household chores.

These tasks provide points as they are done and makes something that a priori could be boring, become a competition between all.

Users of the main operating systems for smartphones, such as Android and iOS, can enjoy this application by downloading it from the official store of each of these systems.

  1. Download FairShare for Android


  1. Download FairShare for iOS



Bizum is neither an application as such, nor is it really an application, to control expenses of a group of people, but it is very interesting for this need.

Bizum is a system coming included in the main spanish bank apps, for share money between users in a very simple way and above all, very fast.

Virtually all the banks available in Spain have this system, and therefore, it is an ideal way to pay what we owe, if for example, we go to dinner with a group of friends.

One of the people pays the bill, and immediately afterwards the others enter their share quickly and easily, through Bizum.

With all that we have told you, there will be no problem to know, how much it is up to pay each friend at a dinner or if gifts are bought among all. These 10 apps they will help us to have greater control of all these types of situations and thus be able share costs Without the slightest problem.

Did you find them useful? Have you used any of these apps? What do you think you're going to try?

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