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These are today's free limited-time applications for your iPhone and iPad

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We return one day with a selection of applications that are on sale in the App Store of iOS and iPadOS and that you can download for free but only for Limited time.

These offers may expire in the next few hours, so we recommend that you download those applications that have caught your attention as soon as possible.

Without further delay, today Monday, December 16, we start with the list of free applications for a limited time to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Free applications for a limited time for iPhone and iPad

Rainy daze

Rainy Daze is a photographic application that allows you to add rain to the images to give them a mystical touch. It also has other options to adjust the angle of the rain, darken the sky and other filters.

H Find The Differences 1 HD

This is one of those games in which your goal is to find the differences between two images. You have to find a certain number of differences before moving on to the next photo and it has up to 80 levels. IPad version only.

Dimension of Dreams

Dimension of Dreams is an entertaining card strategy game in which you will have to get cards in a dream world. He has 260 cards available and 6 different types of characters, with up to 60 final boss fights.

Hexa Turn

Hexa Turn is a puzzle game in which you will have to block the triangles of each level. A game with up 8 different types of mechanics To test your mental abilities.

And here ends our collection of free applications for iPhone and iPad. We hope you liked it and remember, they will be free only for the next few hours so you take advantage and download.