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events everywhere in december

pokemon GO christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and Pokmon GO wants to celebrate it with all users with a December full of events and surprises. In short, we will have new challenges in the form of special investigations, Pokmon as Virizion arrives at the raids, a special weekend with Lugia and Ho-Oh and Pokmon with Christmas costumes, among other things.

Pokmon GO is still one of the games that generates more revenue, which shows that there are millions of players who keep coming in and hunting Pokmon daily. This type of event makes many of them remain motivated to get unique creatures.

All the news of the Pokmon GO navideo event

As you can see, the new Christmas event It includes many new features, so coaches from all over the world will be very entertained these days.

Special research of Team GO Rocket: A complicated development

The new special research is designed to end Team GO Rocket, be available until the end of December. Defeat Giovanni during the month and you will have the opportunity to rescue a dark Zapdos.

Pokemon GO rocket

Different Pokmon hatch from the Eggs

From Monday, December 16, 2019 you will see appear different Pokmon when hatching eggs. They have not detailed what these new Pokmon will be, so we have to go out and walk to discover them.

Virizion slips into the five star raids

Virizion, the Pokmon Prado, arrives at the five star raids. It is said that this Pokmon Legendary Plant and Fight type Confuse your opponents with their gentle movements, so make sure you have your combat strategies ready before confronting him. Be available from Tuesday, December 17, 2019 until Tuesday, January 7, 2020.

Special weekend of raids with Lugia and Ho-Oh

On the weekend of 20 to Monday, December 23, both Lugia, of the Psychic and Flying type, and Ho-Oh, of the Fire and Flying type, will be available in raids.

Pokmon GO parties 2019

We will have new Pokmon in disguise, Ice-type Pokmon never seen on Pokmon GO, exclusive field investigations of events, themed avatar articles for winter and a bonus avalanche from Tuesday, December 24, 2019 to Wednesday, January 1, 2020.

Pokemon GO Christmas Pikachu

We can capture Pikachu, Raichu and Pichu with Christmas hats and Stantler wearing beautiful jingle bells, in addition we will have special appearances of Pokmon type ice, appear Cryogonal with the Glacier Bait Module, we will have a new exclusive Field Investigation and much more.

We warm up with a special winter event during the weekend!

On the last Saturday of December (and 2019), we will enjoy a special winter event During the weekend they last eight hours. We can get Glaceon with the last loaded attack Baza, Regice returns to the raids and many more surprises.