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We announce our first four experts for TC Early Stage in San Francisco

TechCrunch early stage It is a new series of events for 2020 focused on the founders of the initial stage. The idea is to provide access to advice and networks at the level of a large accelerator program, but with a shorter time commitment and a wider range of expert advisors.

The first of three TechCrunch Early Stage events is in San Francisco on April 28 (the others will be in Paris and New York), and we are pleased to announce our first four guest speakers. These experts will lead brief 45-minute sessions, beginning with a brief presentation followed by audience questions moderated by a TechCrunch editor.

Cyan Banister, Partner, Founder Fund

How to win an institutional seed round

Asher Abramson, co-founder, demand curve

How to create high-growth assets for paid channels

Lior Zorea, legal partner, Nixon Peabody LLP

What VCs want on a terms sheet (and how you can get what you want)

Dalton Caldwell, Partner, Combiner And

How to enter Y Combinator

There will be more than 50 work sessions in the show, and attendees will have the opportunity to attend at least seven. The sessions will cover all the central issues faced by the founders of the initial stage, up to Series A, as they build a company, from capital raising to team building and growth. Each work session will be led by notables in the world of startups along with the people we announce today.

But wait, there's more! Do not worry about missing a group session because the transcripts of each will be available to show attendees. And most of the people who led the work session agreed to hang out in the program for at least half of the day and participate in CrunchMatch, the great application of TechCrunch to connect founders and investors based on shared interests.

Here is the fine print. Each of the more than 50 group sessions is limited to around 100 attendees. Of course, we expect many more attendees, so registrations for each session are granted in order of arrival. Buy your ticket today and you can sign up for the breakdowns we announce today. Pass holders will also receive a 24-hour notice before announcing the next lot. (And yes, you can "leave" a group session in favor of a new one, in case there is a schedule conflict).