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Capcom sends game test invites unannounced game to resident evil ambassadors

There is more in the works behind the scenes.

It was with him Demonaco resident Ambassador program that Capcom released Resistance Project Earlier this year, it turned out to be the multiplayer component of the next remake of Resident Evil 3. But it seems that Capcom will soon have more in reserve for program members.

Capcom recently sent emails to Demonaco resident Ambassadors (through Reddit), and a particular section of email was particularly interesting. He mentions that game test invitations are being sent to members for an unannounced Capcom game.

That is, of course, interesting because it could be any number of things. Capcom recently stated that it would focus more on remakes and revivals of classic franchises, at the rate of Resident Evil 2 Successfully, and recently, renewed trademarks for a lot of important franchises, including Dino Crisis. Since this is a Demonaco residentHowever, there is a possibility that this is related to what the series has saved after Resident Evil 3.

Resident Evil 3, Meanwhile, it is close to completing the development. Depart for PS4, Xbox One and PC on April 3, 2020.