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Your fingerprint reader is finally useful for something in Google Chrome

One of the best parts of our phone (in my opinion) is the fingerprint reader. This tool is great to unlock our phone and keep it safe from strange uses. The fact is that, with the exception of blocking, Android has few uses and there are few apps that use it as a security method.

Now, Google Chrome in version 70 (Beta, of course), It includes an API so we can use the reader to authenticate on certain pages. A measure that many had been asking for a long time and that you can finally try.

Google Chrome will use your fingerprint to identify you on web pages

Imagine that you are on the page of your bank and need to authenticate. With the new Google Chrome API You can use your fingerprint to enter your account. An easy and even safer measure since we can forget our password or have it stolen. There is only one footprint, and it is the safest method that exists today.

Your fingerprint reader will finally work for something in Google Chrome

The fact is that for this API to work, the relevant web pages must use it and implement it on those pages. That is, even if you download the app, very few websites (if not any) will use your fingerprint reader, so we will have to wait a couple of weeks or months for this to be standardized.

On the other hand, a very ingenious detail of the security method is that, in addition to using the reader, we can use The unlock code of our phone. This system for now has begun to extrapolate with this beta to Chrome and not to other browsers.

We will leave you an APK link since it can already be tested in beta 70 of Google Chrome. As we say, you can not prove the reader except for a few websites that start adopting this API, so we will have to be patient and wait. But the truth is that we are very happy: Chrome becomes even safer.