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Twitter recommends its users, That they should change their password!

Due to an error finding in the system, Twitter advises its more than 300 million users to update their profile password.

It is very likely that Twitter is not your favorite social network or the one you use the most, however it is one of the most important today, with more than 300 million users worldwide, which is why the company is considered as the second social network with the most impact today after Facebook.

However, for a bug discovered in the company, Twitter recommends its 330 million users to make the password change, because due to this error the system did not perform the famous hashing and stored the passwords in plain text in a log file .

For those who do not know, hashing is a common process with which companies convert user passwords into a string of meaningless characters to then store them, so if cyber attacks are performed, crackers cannot obtain our password. simple way.

For this reason, the company itself has recommended making the change to all its users, since someone with sufficient skills could have violated the system and stolen the log file, easily obtaining the passwords of all users.

But, calm Twitter has made it clear that this change is not mandatory or urgent, as there are no suspicions or records that the servers have been violated to obtain the password log file.

Likewise, it is important that all those who still do not activate the verification in 2 steps do so as soon as possible, as this process keeps the users account secure against any password theft.