iPhone reciclar piezas

They stole and used defective parts to assemble and sell iPhone

iPhone recycle parts
Apple and Foxconn, one of the most important iPhone assemblers, are investigating several employees who used defective iPhone parts that were discarded in the factories to assemble iPhones and sell them in the black market.

This big scam will be generated about 43 million dollars for a period of three years as reported by the local media Taiwan News.

Get defective parts and make iPhone

It is not entirely clear how this scam was organized, but according to the newspaper's report, all part of a Taiwanese businessman who I worked with a group of Foxconn employees They were responsible for destroying the defective parts.

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn said on Wednesday (December 18) that an investigation was initiated into an alleged fraud in which employees sold iPhones with defective components.

This Taiwanese businessman allegedly worked with a group of management personnel at the facilities that Foxconn in Zhengzhou. This group of people instead of destroying the defective iPhone parts, they kept them and took them out of the ingnito factory.

Then they get to assemble iPhone, obviously defective, but with a 100% real appearance that they sell in different markets. The businessman and his criminal network have made a real fortune for three years with these illegal practices since they supposedly raised 1.3 billion Taiwanese dollars, approximately 43 million dollars or 38.7 million euros.

iPhone parts

Apparently Apple has managed to realize this illegal plot thanks to an email that Someone sent Tim Cook himself to report fraud. The company has launched a formal investigation that is being carried out by Apple's Business Assurance & Audit (BA&A) team, which reports directly to the company's board of directors.

An authentic movie story that reminds us of the one we heard earlier in the year in which two Chinese students residing in the United States led to repair fake Apple Store Apple and get new iPhone They sent back to China.