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The Red Hydrogen One back with professional cameras


The next Hydrogen One will have professional cameras

Juan Garzon / CNET

Say the phone Hydrogen One It has had its ups and downs will be an oversimplification. Red's phone, the company behind high-end digital cinema cameras, is filled with controversy, delays and criticism. The Hydrogen One focused on capturing and creating photos and videos in 3D, but probably the biggest flaw for the camera company fans was the fact that the phone mounted cameras not manufactured by the Network itself.

On Tuesday, in a forum post, Red founder and CEO Jim Jannard wrote that his company is working on a "pro" version for the Hydrogen One camera.

"The Red team, led by Jarred Land, will now be fully in charge of creating a photographic team for Hydrogen."

The publication came just after the images of a professional camera accessory for the original Hydrogen One were removed from the Red website. This announcement is a good omen for those Red fans who wanted a phone according to the photographic feats of the company

For those who already have a Red Hydrogen One, Jannard points out that the phone will not have become obsolete when the version comes out with a professional camera.

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