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The most cute Android game in the Play Store is Spanish

One of the most sugary and cute proposals of the Google Play Store is the work of a Spanish studio. It's called Happy Hop: Kawaii jump And it's so cute.

In addition to the games very graphically worked or with complex stories in Android Free we also like to try other lighter proposals, with a simple usability.

This does not imply that they are boring games, as we see on occasions like this. Kawaii jump It is an Android game created in Spain and is one of those selected by Google as a finalist in the best Indie games of 2016.

Kawaii aesthetics. Adorable until petar

Kawaii aesthetics. Adorable until petar

For those who do not know what kawaii aesthetics is enough to say that it is a form of design in which pastel colors, rainbows and good looks abound, although with a childish touch.

This is the type of graphics to which this game will accustom us, with a multitude of animals called Miimos that we will have to collect and with which we can play.

– = ≡Σ ((((つ `• ω • ´) つ

The music also helps to create a relaxed atmosphere, ideal to cause addiction although the games are tremendously fast, surely because of how easy it is to die disheveled.

The most cute and cuckoo game in the Play Store is Spanish

Very simple operation that hooks

This game does not differ in its control form from others like Mountain Goat Mountain. We will have to reach as high as possible climbing platforms that will appear although there will be traps.

Some of these pieces cannot be stepped on, others have spikes and others crumble as soon as we touch them.

We will also have to go looking for the hearts that will give us life. No, seriously, literally, because if we run out of the lower bar we will die, just as if we fell apart.

In-app purchases

In-app purchases

The game is free and has integrated purchases, with which we can unlock some of the Miimos to play with them.