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The Mi MIX Alpha 2 appears in Xiaomi patent »ERdC

The Mi MIX Alpha 2 appears in Xiaomi patent

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Today Xiaomi It is one of the most important telephone manufacturers. It has an extremely strong line of devices, from economic models, mid-range, and reaching the flagship first line. The jewel in the company's current crown is the Mi MIX Alpha, an impressive conceptual device. Today we are going to discuss about a possible Mi MIX Alpha 2 based on leaks that have been published recently.

The middle LetsGoDigital has discovered that Xiaomi has presented a patent series. The patent consists of a real full screen surface, no visible space for the camera at the edges around the screen, which are extremely narrow.

Xiaomi patent for the alleged Mi MIX Alpha 2

According to the publication of LetsGoDigital, Xiaomi presented this series of design patents for a phone that consists entirely of the screen surface about a year ago. It wasn't until the past December 13, 2019 that these patents were approved by the corresponding entity. They were published in the WIPO design database for the worldwide protection of this design.

On-screen cameras

At the beginning we already mentioned the impressive Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha. The mentioned terminal has a unique design where the screen almost completely envelops the body of the device. The user interface that has been patented is revealed to be intended for a smartphone also with surround screenbut a additional important element. The patent represents the It also has integrated cameras under the screen. The camera sensors are located in the front and back Of the device. This terminal has ultra thin bezels on the top and bottom, and it doesn't seem to have physical buttons.

The screen in s does not pass through the bottom or top. The lower zone offers space for stereo speakers of the device and a port USB type C. The microphone is placed on top, along with nothing else. Out of these details, the patent focuses mainly on the details of the interface design. All screenshots They are in color, indicating that Xiaomi can already have the device in operation.

Changing icons according to context

The description shows that the screen icons on the side of the terminal will change according to the content or application which is displayed on the main screen. For example, general status icons, such as the battery indicator and the strength of the network signal, can be displayed on the right side, while the left side offers space to show time, weather, etc.

In addition, a simple sliding movement allow to add cones to the sides. This allows us to quickly access things like music cameras and controls. On the right side of the phone there is a virtual button that works as a system shortcut and power button.