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The Mac Pro is the easiest Apple device to repair for iFixit

Mac Pro ifixit

Traditionally, Apple devices get a really low score on the iFixit repair analysis, however This has not been the case with the new Mac Pro. Although it has become clear that it is not valid for grating cheese, the conclusion of iFixit is that it is “a master class in reparability”, especially in comparison with other newer Mac models.

With each important device that reaches the market, like almost all of Apple, iFixit develops a disassembly guide for understand a little better how these devices are actually assembled. Once finished the guide puts a note to the devices according to their "degree of reparability."

Mac Pro ifixit

The Mac Pro is the easiest device to repair Apple

From the disassembly guide of the Mac Pro of iFixit we can draw many conclusions in addition to the greater or lesser ease of repair. For example it is interesting to know that you will not need special tools to disassemble the new Mac Pro. They were able to disassemble it only with a few Torx screwdrivers, a Phillips screwdriver, a hex wrench and little else.

"The new Mac Pro is a miracle of "Fixmas": beautiful, incredibly well armed and a master class of reparability. We love that a good part of the modules can be exchanged without tools; we love the use of (mostly) standard screws and connectors; we love step numbers and diagrams for certain repairs directly on the device; and, above all, we love free public repair manuals and videos".

Mac Pro ifixit

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Another curiosity they have found is that the SSD hard drive is linked to Apple T2 security chip, which means you can't update the internal storage later in that slot, since the Mac Pro has eight PCI Express expansion slots to which we can connect new disks.