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The integration of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram may not arrive

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For months that Facebook is expanding its presence and influence on Instagram and WhatsApp. This summer the name of the social network was introduced in a more prominent place in the two applications, as a way of establishing or remembering that they are their property. In addition, there are many rumors about a possible integration of the three applications.

This integration is one of Mark Zuckerberg's most important plans, but it seems that it would not take place. Since they are encountering major problems for the integration of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. So it might not happen, if everything goes on like this.

It is the American government who puts obstacles. They believe that this integration between Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram could end in a monopoly of the social network. It is the reason why currently an investigation is being carried out in the country, to determine the scope that such integration would have.

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You have to wait to see what conclusions are drawn from said investigation, which will focus primarily on the issue of monopoly. Although several media in the United States believe that this investigation will demonstrate that it is harmful or not advisable to allow such integration of applications.

For Zuckerberg it would be a great defeat, because it seems that this integration of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram It is one of his great projects. Although this plan or intention has never been openly recognized. This research will be decisive for the future of the social network therefore, but it will take a few months.

From the beginning there have been criticisms of these plans, which they would turn Facebook into an even more powerful platform. What generates concern among many. It seems that the American government also sees it this way, so it may be that in a few months the decision they make will be known, which will allow the integration or not.

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