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The first real photos of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 are published

In recent weeks there have been many rumors about what we will see in the next flexible phone of the South Korean company, in fact the own Samsung publish a video teaser where you see a new design for a flexible phone, and the new images seem to confirm that this design is real and is already being tested with several users.

And is that a Weibo user has published in this social network several photographs of what appears to be the Galaxy Fold 2, which shows us several details and gives us a notice that Samsung s bet on the design that they published on video, which is similar to what was presented by Motorola with the new Razr.

A flexible phone that can succeed

The design of this supposed Galaxy Fold 2 looks good, because it is likely that this should be the design that flexible smartphones should take from here in the coming years, because instead of having a phone that becomes a tablet, it seems more comfortable have a phone that is smaller or larger in function than we need at the moment.

And this is Galaxy Fold it will be folded horizontally, so folded we will have a small phone with an exterior screen that at least in the photographs is very small, because it is barely possible to see the time and a notification LED, so we hope that in the version At least we have access to the content of the notifications.

Deployed the team looks like other Galaxy, that is, we will have an Infinity-O screen that has become so popular in the latest Samsung models, however the edges of the phone will be a little thicker than normal for reasons that until now we do not know .

The advantage is that the people of Samsung will not have to optimize the applications as with the Fold, so theoretically they will not have to work more in the software section.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 and Fold 2 will have 5x and 108 MP zoom and this is what you should know

The Fold 2 is expected to be presented in February along with the Galaxy S11, but we will have to wait to see if it really is.