Tablets BQ, Wolder, Woxter and now, Unusual.

Tablets BQ, Wolder, Woxter and now, Unusual.


Tablets BQ, Wolder, Woxter and now, Unusual.

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December 14, 2015

As we have mentioned on other occasions, large technology firms are usually based in countries such as Japan, South Korea or the United States. We also talked about the push of Chinese technology companies, which are expanding all over the world and in cases like Huawei, they are growing vertiginously while trying to acquire a leading role and stand as competitors capable of fighting against the biggest.

However, it is not necessary to leave our borders to find brands that, although they do not have a large size and are gradually becoming more visible in the market, they are also able to offer a multitude of products that are tried to adapt to the needs of users and position themselves as some more actors in the field of consumer electronics. This is the case of Unusual, a Spanish firm more than, since its birth, in 2006, it has released a multitude of devices. Then we tell you what are your tablets larger and what they can offer to captivate more and more demanding consumers.

Unusual 10X, low cost of contrasts

We begin the review of the largest devices of this brand with the 10X. Among its strengths are a screen of 10.1 inch and its price, just 99 euros. However, we cannot expect big surprises from this model since, despite having a resolution acceptable from 1024 × 600 pixels, and a ARM processor Cortex A7 of 1.5 Ghz which ensures a good performance of the applications given its low cost, is equipped with the Android version 4.2, which greatly limits the possibilities of this tablet. On the other hand, it has a 1 GB RAM and a capacity of 8 storage, Very tight parameters. Its greatest limitation is found in the cameras, as does not have a rear and the front has only 0.2 Mpx.

unusual 10x screen

10X Quad: Image deficiencies

Again, the cameras are the most important limitations of this model, which unlike its predecessor, the 10 X, does have a camera rear but 0.3 Mpx while not equipped with no front sensor. Despite maintaining the same characteristics in terms of resolution and screen as its companion, this tablet has some advances in terms of memory and storage as it maintains 1 GB of RAM but nevertheless it has a capacity from 16 GB expandable to 32 through Micro SD cards. In connectivity, it is ready to WiFi networks and is equipped with Android 5.0. This improvement in most of its features makes its price also somewhat higher, but still, within the low cost range by having a cost of 119 euros approximately.

unusual 10x quad screen

Unusual 10W Price according to its characteristics?

Finally, we mention the 10W, which makes an important jump with respect to the price if we compare it with the other models of more than 10 inches of Unusual, since it is around 299 euros. But do your benefits deserve to have a cost that places it within the mid-range? We start talking about a resolution somewhat larger than the other two models of 1280 × 800 pixels but from which however, we cannot expect excessive quality. On the other hand, its greatest strength is in its processor, a Intel Bay Trail from four cores and a frequency of 1.83 Ghz.

unusual 10w screen

Another strength of the Unusual 10W is in its RAM, from 2 GB which, however, contrasts with a 32 storage which can be extended by Micro SD cards until the 128. On the other hand, the cameras they also suffer an evolution, although modest, when they have 2 Mpx both the rear and the front. This model is ready for WiFi connections and as for the operating system, set aside Android and opt for Windows 8.1.

Unusual tablets?

As we have seen, Unusual has several bets in the market of low cost tablets At the national level, however, we have seen that these are devices with some important deficiencies that may hinder their implementation in the sector of Consumer electronics of our country At the low price in the case of 10X and 10X Quad, we must add some benefits rather modest which, despite being characteristics of the most affordable tablets, in these cases leave much to be desired in terms of cameras, memory or screen resolution.

unusual 10x black