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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: Our Spoilerless Impressions

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I remember it like it was yesterday. When I was just eight years old, my father came home with a surprise: I had tickets to a new science fiction movie that everyone was talking about: Star wars (Star Wars). The screening and its premiere in Spain were at the Victoria Eugenia theater in San Sebastin, and 42 years later they have chosen this cinema for the premiere in the country of Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker, final chapter of the saga, and to which I had the privilege of attending guest.

The arrival at the theater does not disappoint: queues of people, celebrities and a good cast of stormtroopers and rebel pilots perfectly characterized for the occasion and who cater to selfies. Nerves, tension and holding the invitation tightly, it wasn't that a wind blow would snatch it from me. Before entering the room, we had to seal the phones in special bags for obvious reasons and anxiously wait for the party to begin. And the time came. The lights go out and the screen turns on. Impossible not to be swept away by the euphoria of the public who shouted sickly and applauded.

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A charmingly known script

The act began with a surprise: the projection of a short film of no more than three minutes that runs through the saga in a spectacular setting that left us speechless; A great appetizer of the main course that was not long in coming. From that point, the show takes you along well-known paths: A long time ago, in a galaxy far away. The signage takes us into a new episode, although this is special because we all know that it is the last one and it tastes bitter. farewell.

Who has seen the films of the saga is already unconsciously sensing what scene comes next and what to expect from the writers, but The Rise of Skywalker Just leave a single second of respite. The pace is thrilling although it is noted that the script has been forced to close all outstanding debts with the viewer: quin is quin, where it comes from and how it ends. In the seat and enjoying, same place, same saga, revived in me that boy of eight years while J.J. Abrams grabs you tightly by the hand and takes you along a path full of blows of effect and in which the follower of Star wars recognize the guides and comic situations.

Dj vu? In sin is penance

And now that we talk about it, this installment has really hilarious twists in which the scriptwriters exhibit great sharpness in regard to the sense of humor. The characters, with highly characterized personalities, follow their behavior very predictably and this is where one begins to feel certain and distant pang of disappointment because it is seen mentally describing what comes next on the screen. And without margin of error.

Daisy Ridley perfectly embodies the leading role of Rey, the most visible face of the Resistance, while Adam Driver does the same on the "Dark Side" in my opinion, with much less fortune, but the unbearable legacy of Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill). It is not that the performance of the new actors is bad, it is that this last installment comes to show us how glorious and itchy that the original film was. And this is the great conclusion that one takes after enjoying the pstuma delivery: nothing comes close to the original film.

We talked before something similar to disappointment because you know what will happen shortly after, but as the minutes pass you begin to understand that you would not have liked it otherwise. Star wars It's like that good stew you eat at home: in advance you know the result, but it doesn't stop being tasty. The saga is as: a dj vu That seduces you even if you try to resist.

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You are never alone

The development of the film has a time when the intensity goes down and you are tempted to look at the clock, but curiosity keeps you pending. And it does not disappoint. As the film passes and when the plot approaches its final outcome, you will witness unexpected turns and how the writers have managed to square the circle masterfully before unexpected events (rest in peace, Carrie Fisher). But where this delivery really shines is, once again, in the message.

I usually stay quite alone in the gatherings whenever I have defended that Star wars it is, above all, a spiritual film and it is that no other defines with such precision the complicated balance between good and evil; We all carry something from both of us, but in all of us there is the ability to decide. And what if not the battle between the Jedi and the Sith? When I returned home, the first thing I did was write down in the diary phrases that had helped me before, but in The Rise of Skywalker They charge more emphasis.

You are never alone or the Force is always with you, more than phrases, vital slogans that we should burn in fire at the times when the "Dark Side" invades us. At this point, we can only thank its creators for the genius of this saga and how sad the farewells are, although as the Jedi know, nobody really goes far. May the force be with you.

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