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Samsung's mobile phone will arrive in 2019, and aspires to be a "concept car"

The idea of ​​Samsung taking out a folding mobile is not new, although we were not yet clear when it was going to be presented. It seems that this new Samsung mobile phone would arrive early next year, as stated in the Wall Street Journal.

At the beginning of the year and absurdly expensive: This would be Samsung's mobile phone

We have been hearing rumors and leaks for some months about the alleged Galaxy X, Samsung's mobile that would be the first to be foldable. However, there is always room to know more details, and more when they come from the own Wall Street Journal.

Samsung's mobile phone would cost about 1600 euros

According to sources close to Samsung's plans, Samsung's mobile phone would have a 7-inch screen, without knowing their specific aspect ratio. That screen would fold in half. A curious detail that they talk about is that when the mobile is folded we would have a second screen on the front, while the cameras would stay on the back of the device.

Regarding the price, this device would reach the market at a price of $ 1500, a figure similar to what we expected.

Bringing the idea of ​​the concept car to the smartphone

Perhaps the most interesting of the report of Wall Street Journal are not the characteristics themselves or the price, but Samsung's own sales forecast.

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According to sources, Samsung does not expect this device to sell many units, but they expect it to be the beginning of a new market in which folding mobiles are trending. In Samsung they want to be pioneers in this technology, with which they expect it to be novel enough to convince certain users premium.

That statement reminded me of the automobile term of concept car. This term refers to cars that are created with the latest technology, so absurdly expensive that few people can afford it.

The purpose of these leading devices is not to sell, but to show that your company is the best.

When a manufacturer creates a concept car, you are not investing resources in improving your sales, but It is an investment in brand image. Creating the most cutting-edge device on the market ends up giving the image that your company invests in technology, and that it will take all these innovations someday to its daily use devices.

As a personal bet I think it is good that Samsung has realistic sales estimates. Surely this first mobile arrives with many errors, which somehow serve Samsung for devices that end up reaching the masses.