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Samsung wants to make the perfect screen without notch or holes

Angela Lang / CNET

Samsung says it is about two years away from creating a perfect screen, or in other words, without the controversial eyebrows, notch or holes

"Although it is not possible (an all-screen phone) within the next one or two years, technology advances to the point where the camera is invisible, without affecting the functionality of the camera," Yang Byung said at an event this week -duk, head of research and development in the division of screens in Samsung. The statements were cited by the Yonhap News agency.

The solution that Samsung got and the closest thing to the dream of a perfect screen showed it with the Galaxy S10 family of phones, and the company said proud of what was achieved.

"Making a hole in an OLED screen is a very difficult technology to achieve," said the executive quoted by the same media. "We tried that technology for the Galaxy anniversary model and we believe the strategy had a good result."

Although we have already seen cell phones with holes in the screen, the Galaxy S10 (in its three versions) was the first phone with OLED screen to get a hole in the screen; Other cell phones with something similar are of the LCD type, which is easier to modify and puncture.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

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