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real solution or urban legend?

What to do when a mobile falls into the water? One of the most popular recommendations is to bury it in a container full of raw rice so that all the liquid is absorbed and ensure that the device continues to function; Nevertheless, A group of experts has revealed that this measure will reach the desired result, but it may be temporarily.

So … Fix a mobile phone drenched with rice: is it a real solution or an urban legend? According to those skilled in the art, they have explained it based on various tests – indeed the aforementioned cereal (like oatmeal, silicone in crystals and instant rice) ) achieves absorption, but depending on the amount of water to which the device has been exposed, the consequences of the humidity inside (possible damage to the circuit) could cause failures to occur after a while.

Getting a mobile wet in raw rice is efficient? Here it is worth mentioning the comparison of two scenarios; the first, that the smartphone has fallen into the toilet and the user has taken it out quickly; and the second, that the person has submerged in the pool for a long time with the terminal. Probably, in case number one, the measure of reviving the telephone with rice is completely satisfactory.

Now, what is clear is that at the moment when a cell phone falls into the water, what should be done immediately In addition to taking it out and not trying to turn it on, it is to dry it with an absorbent paper or towel and remove both the battery and the SIM card. From that moment, the user will have in his hands the decision to place the device and its components in a bowl full of raw rice for a day and then expose it to the sun for a few minutes … At least you already know what to do when a cell phone falls into the water.

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