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Pokmon Duel, the unexpected Pokmon game that hooks you

Do you remember that a few months ago a Pokémon game came to Google Play? It was about Pokémon Co-Master, a title that despite having already a few months, never came out of Japan until today. The Pokémon Company has decided that it is a good time to expand its game internationally, renaming it as Pokémon Duel.

Pokémon Co-Master is now called Pokémon Duel

Pokémon duel 2

Pokémon Co-Master It was a very unnoticed launch beyond Japan. Not only did we have the language barrier, but it was also only possible to download it from Japan. The game has proved to be successful in Japan, so they have decided to expand the experience in more countries.

The United States has been the first country chosen, and for the occasion they have decided to rename their game, which is called Pokémon Duel. It is the same title, the only novelty being its translation into English.

What is Pokémon Duel about? Well, the truth is that it is a very curious game, since we will have Pokémon figures that we will use in a board game.

Pokémon duel 3

We have already tried it, and the first sensations are quite positive. We have six Pokémon figures that we can send to the board. The boards have a series of connections that will be where the figures move. The objective is bring at least one Pokémon to the base of our opponent, before he does the same.

Pokémon Duel is a very simple strategy game, but it is original and quite deep.

Each of our Pokémon have several attacks, and we can attack the enemy Pokémon by approaching them. Once combat begins, a roulette will appear for each Pokémon, which will determine the power of the attack. The attacker with the greatest power of the duel will send the opposing Pokémon to the bench. We will also have cards that will help us to boost some attacks, which adds a curious strategic depth.

The great trick of Pokémon Duel is collecting, as we can acquire based on winning games or with new micropayments Pokémon. What Pokémon includes this title? Well, practically almost all generations, so getting us all will be quite complicated.

You can download Pokémon Duel for free on Google Play, although currently it has only been extended to the United States. Currently we can download the APK from APKPure, from which we can get the complete and perfectly playable game, as long as you manage with English or Japanese.

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