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Play Mega Drive on your Android and relive your childhood games

Today we have a wide range of options to play, of all tastes and styles. But if something sounds, it looks and plays like in the 80/90, the child inside us wants to play it.

Many will not know that the first video games were loaded using cassette tapes, the colors were white, black or monochrome and the sound was a series of noises coming from a speaker.

They have evolved over time, but we are going to take our Delorean to a specific date, October 29, 1988, that day in Japan a 16-bit console appeared among us and its creator was Sega. We talk about the Sega Mega Drive (or Sega Genesis). And today we are going to see how we can enjoy the experience of playing with it on our Android devices.

Sega Mega Drive, a little history

Sega Mega Drive - Japan

Being a 16-bit console it belongs to the fourth generation of consoles. It was the third SEGA console and successor to the Sega Master System, it was released in 1988 in Japan, one year later in 1989 in the United States and the following year in 1990 in Europe.

One of the curiosities of the Mega Drive is that your hardware is an adaptation of the plate used in Arcade System 16. So it was one of the first attempts to bring the Arcade experience to our classrooms. These are its specifications:

  • Motorola 68000 16-bit primary processor a 7.61 MHz PAL | 7.67 MHz NTSC.
  • Secondary processor Zilog Z80 from 8 bits to 3.55 MHz PAL | 3.58 MHz NTSC.
  • 64Kb of main RAM | 64Kb of RAM video | 8Kb of RAM sound.
  • Yamaha YM2612 6-channel FM sound chip.
  • Additional sound chip PSG Texas Instruments SN76489.
  • Yamaha YM7101 graphics processor

Today these specifications would cause laughter, but at that time it was a very respectable hardware, now let's see how we can emulate it.

Looking for a Sega Mega Drive emulator

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The first thing we need is to find an emulator, with this emulator we can play the games of our protagonist. Being a console for so long, on computers have been purged until we reach our Android devices.

There are quite a few alternatives available, but we have selected three, which are considered the ones that They offer us an experience close to the original console. The one that stands out above all is MD.emu but being paid, maybe I will take back more than one, so we have accompanied it with two other free options. To get one satisfactory emulation requirements are quite affordable, so any moderately modern device should have no problem.

Without the right command the feeling is lost

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I am a Mega Drive user, I have it stored in its original box, so I have in my memory the feeling of playing using its controls. Forget about triggers, vibration and other modern things. The command of the Mega Drive consisted of of a cross-piece, three buttons -There was a 6-button version- and the button start, a detail about the controls, there was a wireless version.

Then over time I have been playing in emulators, but soon I stopped playing because I didn't get the same feeling, either playing with keyboard or using an original Xbox controller. So I decided find some solution to be able to use the original remote or some modern replica. Already in its day I made an adapter to use the original computer command, but as much as I search, our Android devices do not have a parallel port. So my only option went through three letters, USB.