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new image and more data of the mysterious S-Pen

Samsung continues to prepare the launch of its new flagship, one of which we have been talking about in recent days and which we tell you in a summary a week ago of what it would be capable of, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

But although some image had been filtered, it was not until now that we saw the first image of the official press, a render that makes some things clear to us but makes us ask ourselves new questions, thanks to Evleaks.

An S Pen with two buttons?

It is striking in the image that the S Pen will be gold, with a touch of color on the top that looks like it will match the device, in this case, navy blue.

That same part seems to be a button like some pens, in addition to maintaining the side button that we have seen in other S Pen of the brand. This device can be used together with our fingers to interact with the mobile.

We can activate the camera from quite a distance (since it will use bluetooth) and we will have other configurable actions. The new S-Pen will load inside Note 9 and take just under a minute.

A peculiar cameras

In the back area we see two cameras as expected, but one of them seems to have an optic or a larger design than the other. Next to them we see the flash and other elements such as what the laser approach seems to be.

It is possible that one of the two is a wide angle since that disparity in size reminds us of the LG G6 and other devices of Samsung's country company.

6 GB of RAM for almost all markets

The last detail of which we have read something is that of random memory. Apparently Samsung will sell two models, one with 6 GB of RAM worldwide except in South Korea, where the model will have 8 GB of RAM.

Everyone knows the fondness of Asians for mobiles with great memory but it would seem a mistake to restrict the commercialization of the most powerful to a few markets.