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New Galaxy Fold: filter photos of the possible successor of Samsung's folding phone

The possible successor of the Samsung phone with foldable screen cost about 845 dollars, much cheaper than the 1980 dollars of the first version

phones with folding screens they had a marked year between the market expectation for the striking designs and the disappointment for the
failures and delays that had the exit of
Galaxy Fold from
 . However, the format remains in force in future releases of the South Korean company if you consider the prototype that leaked in China in a series of photos published on the Weibo social network.

The possible successor of the Galaxy Fold resembles the design of
Motola's new Moto RAZR, a
 with a compact clamshell type appearance and a square design similar to the classic cell phone with a lid, except that in this edition inside it has a larger internal folding screen.

According to a report
published by The Korea Herald, the successor of the Galaxy Fold will be priced less than the 1980 dollars of the first version, and the new version is expected to be located for the 845 dollars. In this way, Samsung will position itself with a cheaper model compared to the Moto RAZR, of 1499 dollars.

Bloomberg, meanwhile, said this new Galaxy Fold
Share many of the features of the upcoming Galaxy S11, with a 108 megapixel camera and a five-fold optical zoom. Officially, Samsung had revealed in October some distinctive features of the
next cell phone with folding screen, with a design that resembled the classic models with cover.

"This new format allows us to explore designs that take up little space in your pocket, in addition to offering new ways to use a smartphone," said Hyesoon Jeong, director of Development and Research at Samsung.