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more tools for parents

YouTube for children, or internationally known as YouTube Kids, has added a new staff of tools for parents with which to help them block content that may be harmful to them. Some tools that consist in giving more control to the parents regarding the content that infants consume.

YouTube Kids will allow parents to hide unwanted content

This has been assured by YouTube in his own blog, in which he has detailed what brings us new to the platform. The biggest update is an improvement that had been requested a lot, and is the content approved by parents. How does it work?

YouTube for children is safer: new parental lock tools

Simple: parents can filter all YouTube Kids content, from specific videos up to whole channels Although we will not delve into much detail, there are certain channels in this variant of the platform that upload content not appropriate for children. Thus, parents can hide this type of videos. From the options of "My children" we can select that young people cannot access censored content.

What happens if my child gets older?

YouTube for children is now safer: new parental lock tools

Although YouTube for children is focused on a much younger audience, people grow. Therefore, Google has included a new experience dedicated to children from the age of 8 to 12 years, such as videos about video games or famous music videos. This will depend entirely on whether parents consider their children to be ready enough for it.

The youngest experience, «Younger», will be set by default. Parents can choose between this and the "Young", where they can access a more mature experience that also hosts content that supports the child's learning and development. In addition, YouTube is aware that not all content on Kids is for children, so they encourage parents to block and report those channels.

These improvements will be launched today in the application; although you can also download the new YouTube Kids in Apk from Apk Mirror. Now it remains to be seen how the YouTube Kids parent community welcomes it.